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Shahab Saqib is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK and a PhD scholar of Law at King's College London wherein he is critically and comparatively studying the conceptualization of discrimination in international human rights law and Islamic law. He has also worked as a Harney Fellow in Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies at the University of Toronto 2021-2022.

Shahab is deeply interested in the boundaries of belonging and the alienness of non-citizens in international human rights law, by criticizing how dissimulations in the framework of IHRL legitimize various forms of discrimination against them. He uses critical, third world analytical framework to reconceptualise discrimination from global south perspective. He is also a practising attorney in the Higher Courts of Lahore wherein he provides legal consultation on disputes of IHRL and Islamic law. Given his interests in different disciplines such as religion, philosophy, politics, and law, he is teaching law at SOAS University of London, King's College London and Oxford Summer Courses.

Some of Shahab’s publication include

  • Racism as Citizenship Personified: Ghosts of Racial Discrimination in International Law: Forthcoming in “Emancipating International Law – Confronting the Violence of Racialised Boundaries (Oxford University Press, 2024)”
  • The Tragicomedy of Race and the Classist Discourse of international law. Published in the symposium on classism and the international legal profession (Dec 2022)
  • Blasphemy, Human Rights and the intervention of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Mansha Masih case (2022)
  • Rethinking Elevation of Judges: Fate of an Idea Whose Time Has Come! Published at Courting the Law (2021)
  • Colonisation: The play Pakistanis are forced to act 


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