Careers events for recruiters

Virtual and on-campus events

We offer a hybrid events programme of virtual and on-campus events.

Recruiter in residence

This hour-long session is aimed at organisations looking to hire students in the short term, but also those looking to engage with students over a longer period. The session offers the chance to run a presentation on opportunities at your organisation, talk about your company culture, and what you look for in applicants. 

This will be followed by a student Q&A. Organisations must have live or upcoming vacancies run this session.

Skills workshops

This hour-long session is for organisations looking to meaningfully engage with SOAS students and graduates. The aim of the session is to introduce the attendees to the skills that are required for graduate level employment. We have a range of skills we advise that organisations focus on, but we are also open to suggestions. 

Previous workshops have covered Commercial Awareness, Networking and showcases of projects or functions.

Diversity in the workplace

We’d love to invite you to campus to highlight the great work you do and connect with our talented students from diverse backgrounds.

Our students are keen to find out what diversity means for different employers, and how organisations celebrate and engage with it. The Diversity in the Workplace Series is aimed at SOAS students and graduates from different groups with protected characterises (for example, Diverse Heritage, LGBTQI+, Neurodiversity). The students will be interested in working for your organisation or sector and will be looking to hear about your diversity and inclusion work on recruitment, development and progression.

For more information on all our events, and to book a session, please get in contact at