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Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy


Welcome to the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP). This year CeDEP celebrates 30 years of providing high quality postgraduate education by distance learning, having been founded as the Wye College External Programme of University of London in 1988. We hope you will join our community of international postgraduate online and distance learning students.

CeDEP seeks to address some of the greatest challenges of our times: how to satisfy the aspirations of a rapidly growing global population, including eradicating the poverty still experienced by many of these people, whilst at the same time managing the environmental systems and resources on which life and wellbeing depend.

These challenges are inter-related in complex ways, with important ethical, political, economic, social and technical dimensions. At CeDEP, we recognise the need for informed professionals with inter-disciplinary skills and understanding to tackle these issues effectively.  

During 2017/18 CeDEP is introducing a new structure and delivery format into its programmes. Programmes that were offered in 2017 will continue to run until 2022, but we are welcoming the final intake of students onto these programmes in February 2018. Meanwhile, we launched our Climate Change and Development programme, under the new structure and delivery format, in October 2017. Our plan is to launch new variants of our Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice programmes in October 2018. Please watch this space for more details!

As well as postgraduate teaching, CeDEP's academic staff have extensive international experience in research, which is published and shared globally with other academics, decision-makers and opinion-formers.