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SOAS China Institute

Past recipients of the Gungwu Wang Grant

The following staff members have been awarded a grant:


Prof. Bernhard Fuehrer
Description: Exploration of the Archives and Private Library of AC Graham.
Amount: £2,000


Dr. Elisa Oreglia
Description: one-month fieldwork in Shandong province focusing on formal and informal commerce carried out on social media in rural China.
Amount: £1,963

Dr. Tian Yuan Tan
Description: a research study on the formation and circulation of court cultures focusing on the theatrical rituals and performances in Qing dynasty China, based on literary manuscripts and historical records held in China and also the accounts of such performances in various courts in East Asia by foreign envoys who were invited to these occasions.
Amount: £2,000

Dr. Di Wu
Description: organization of a workshop at SOAS China Institute on the topic of 'The rise of Chinese women? – the change of female role, virtue and autonomy in China'.
Amount: £1,000