Research Students' Association

About the RSA

The SOAS Research Students' Association (RSA) is the organisation that represents all Doctoral Researchers at SOAS. Its committee consists of an elected post of the president and five board members.

The RSA ensures the students voices are heard on the issues that concern them and that students are aware of all the initiatives taken in relation to the doctoral experience. The Research Students' Association has members on the Doctoral School Management Group, working closely with the Doctoral School and the SOAS Students' Union.

In addition to its representative functions, the Research Students' Association organises a variety of academic, social and entertainment events, during the year.

  • If you have any concerns then please contact one of the Research Students' Association Officers ( for the year.
  • Copies of the minutes from Research Students' Association meetings can be found in the Research Students' Common Room (available on Moodle to SOAS PhD candidates only).

The RSA regularly holds open meetings where research students can raise their concerns and make suggestions to improve their experience at SOAS. Details will be predominantly shared by email, so keep an eye out for these throughout the year.


  • Ekabali Ghosh, President, Board of Trustees student representative
  • Charlie Finn Burnell Oubridge, Vice-President