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Gen Z and Beyond: A Survey for Every Generation


The Gen Z and Beyond: A Survey for Every Generation report (PDF, 1.7MB) is now available. The report consists of five chapters which highlight the most significant findings from the survey.

The appendices for each chapter of the report are available here in Excel Workbook format:

An offline version of the questionnaire (PDF, 1MB) is also available.

The data collected during the survey is available from the UK Data Service upon request.


Gen Z and Beyond: A Survey for Every Generation was an in-depth, online survey designed to explore different views and practices within the current global (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian community and those close to it.

The Survey collected and analysed data in three crucial areas:

  • Demographic, including education, employment, language, and domestic life
  • Behavioural, including religious and cultural beliefs and practices
  • Attitudinal, including socio-religious and ethnic identities

By collecting this information, we were able to look at the Zoroastrian population worldwide for the first time, and gain greater understanding of the factors that have promoted or inhibited the growth and success of the community in different contexts across the world.

An introduction to the Gen Z and Beyond Survey.

Key information

The survey was launched in August 2021 and closed on 26 January 2023. The final report was published in May 2023.

The project was led by Dr Sarah Stewart and managed by Dr Nazneen Engineer. The data analyst and project administrator was Joe Turtle. 

The Gen Z and Beyond Survey was open to people aged 18 and over who had:

  • Two (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian parents, or
  • A (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian father, or
  • A (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian mother, or
  • At least one (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian grandparent, or
  • A (Iranian/Parsi/Irani) Zoroastrian spouse

The survey was available in English, Gujarati and Farsi. 

Learn more

To find out more information on the project, please visit the Gen Z and Beyond website.