SOAS Research Online (SRO) is a free, publicly accessible repository showcasing SOAS's research outputs. The SOAS Research Online Policy was last updated in September 2017 and includes information on submission and the scope of SOAS Research Online. SOAS academics should also refer to the SOAS Open Access Policy (pdf; 452kb)  to check what is required of them in relation to making their research outputs available in SOAS Research Online.

The repository contains both full-text papers and records of research carried out by SOAS researchers. SOAS Research Online is an integral part of the School’s work in supporting researchers to meet open access requirements of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and external funders. SRO is being continually developed and improved to support SOAS researchers in making their research freely available on open access and maximise visibility, citations and impact.

SOAS published items can also be assigned a DOI on request creating a persistent link that can help track mentions of the output on various platforms including social media. 

Explore SOAS Research Online

  • SOAS research has been downloaded over six million times. Check our most popular items, authors and find out key figures by department, author and more from the statistics page.
  • If you have an interest in the work of a particular Department, browse research published by its academics.
  • SOAS PhD theses are some of the most read items in SOAS Research Online, take a look at the research being produced by our doctoral researchers.
  • Around 8,500 pieces of SOAS Research are available freely through SOAS Research Online. Check out our most recent research.


Adding your research to SOAS Research Online has a significant number of benefits:

  • When you add Items added to SOAS Research Online your SOAS publications profile is automatically updated.
  • Records are reviewed and enhanced to ensure an accurate and full description of your research outputs.
  • SOAS Research Online records are indexed and discoverable through Google and Google Scholar.
  • Our records are picked up by other Open Access databases such as Core thus contributing to a growing body of academic research being made freely available worldwide.
  • Records and texts in SOAS Research Online will be maintained and preserved for the long-term.
  • You can track activity around your research through by checking statistics and Altmetrics on your records.
  • It provides downloads and usage information at the publication, researcher and department level.
  • Full-texts added to records can be read or requested by potential students and collaborators.
  • Provides access for researchers in countries that may not get access through publisher subscriptions.
  • Enables the public, NGOs, policy makers to read and engage with our research.
  • Gives you the ability to export your publication information in a wide variety of different formats and add it to other research profiles you have, for example your ORCID profile.
  • You can use the RSS feeds to embed information in your own social media accounts and personal website to save you time.
  • Ensures you meet your funder requirements for Open Access.

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