MS 380320 Papers of Margaret Katherine Sabin. Served in Northern Rhodesia with the London Missionary Society as a missionary, 1926-1948. Helped Mabel Shaw, founder of the Livingstone Memorial School in building up the girls' boarding school in Mbereshi. Notes, letters and photographs. 5 boxes. Handlist.


PP MS 49 The North China and Shantung Mission, originally the Church of England North China Mission, was founded in 1872. Several generations of Scott family members served with the Mission, including the Rev. C.P. Scott 1872-1927 and his son the Rev. P.M. Scott 1909-1931. Their papers together with those of fellow missionaries form part of the collections. Also included are a run of the North China and Shantung Mission Quarterly Papers and correspondence and diaries of M.W.Scott, son of P.M. Scott, who worked for Butterfield and Swire in Shanghai and Hong Kong from 1934 to 1937. 3 boxes, 12 volumes. Handlist.

SEAGER, Cecil Edward

MS 380675 Materials relating to Southern Africa and the work of C. E. Seager (b.1912) as a missionary with the London Missionary Society in Botswana, 1941-77. 1 box. Handlist.


MS 380477 Documents dated 1909 to 1932 chiefly concerning the liquidation and reconstruction of the Serdang Central Plantations in 1932. 1 box. Handlist.


PP MS 16 Letters, diaries, drafts of published works, miscellaneous papers and photographs, dated 1924-1980, of William Gawan Sewell (1898-1984). William Sewell and his wife Hilda went out to China with the Friends Service Council in 1924. He became Lecturer and later Professor of Chemistry, West China University, Chengdu and remained in China until 1952. From 1942-1945 he and his family were interned in Hong Kong by the Japanese. 7 boxes. Handlist.


MS 380319 Miscellaneous papers, dated 1915-1973, of Mabel Shaw (1889-1973). Went out to Central Africa with the London Missionary Society in 1915; founded the girls' boarding school at Mbereshi, which later became known as Livingstone Memorial School; awarded OBE, 1931. Transferred to the Church Missionary Society in 1942. Personal correspondence, prayers and notes. 3 boxes. Handlist.


MS 380453 Photocopies of three manuscript notebooks containing chronicles of the Nazareth Baptist Church founded by Isaiah Shembe in Natal in 1910. The text is in Zulu, written c.1932 and covers material ranging from accounts of miraculous events, to the day to day life of the Church in Inanda, letters to dissident priests and accounts of church finances. 3 vols.


MS 380616 Six notebooks of memoirs by James Sibree (1836-1929) and photographs, dated 1927. Served in Madagascar with the London Missionary Society,1863-1916. 1 box. Handlist.


PP MS 54 Correspondence, diaries, photographs and papers relating to South Africa, dated 1938-93, collected by Hannah Stanton (1913-93). Worked at the Tumelong Mission in South Africa from 1956 until 1960 when she was deported. 8 boxes. Handlist


PP MS 44 Writings in verse and prose of the Yiddish poet of Whitechapel, Abraham Nahum Stencl (1897-1983). Came to Britain, mid-1930s; editor of the Yiddish literary journal Loshn and Lebn. The collection contains photographs and is rich in correspondence with Stencl's extensive network of friends and acquaintances. 18 boxes. Detailed catalogue.


SWIRE John Swire and Sons was established as a company in Liverpool in 1832 although the business dates back to 1816. In 1870 the head office was moved to London. Business interests included the China Navigation Company (founded 1872), the Taikoo Sugar Refinery (founded 1901), the Tienstsin Lighter Company (1904), and the Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Company (founded 1934), all of which came under the direction of Butterfield and Swire, the Eastern agents of John Swire and Sons. The archives dated 1869-1967, comprise correspondence, accounts, legal documents and miscellaneous papers. 271 boxes, 170 volumes. See Elizabeth Hook, A Guide to the papers of John Swire and Sons Limited. (London: SOAS, 1977).