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Proquest -The Times of India (1838-2003)
Provides access to first hand accounts of historical local, regional and national news for publications including The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce and the Bombay Times and Standard. Easily searchable, spanning centuries of historical and political events.
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General resources

South Asian Cinema (SACF)
This web resource is run by the South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF), London . The SACF also publishes a journal and organises cinema lead events.

Tongues on Fire
Tongues on Fire is a not-for-profit organisation and aims to provide a platform for independent film with a link to South Asia.

Bollywood Village
Covering a vast period of cinematic history for the subcontinent, this web resource charts the ages of cinema starting with pre-cinema in 1896 through to the golden period of the 1950's. Film history of South India, Calcutta, Bengal to North Indian talkies are all covered, including movie star profiles, influential directors and key genres.

National Film Development Corporation (NFDC)
NFDC of India is a central agency that promotes a strong cinema movement in India. Its aim is to foster ties with the filmmaking world and it is involved in funding and producing films. Includes a film catalogue.

India Minstry of Information, Film Division
Established in 1948, the organisation has maintained a record of Indian history. Its archives collection more than 8000 titles on Documentaries, Short Films and Animation Films. You will find information on Mumbai International Film Festival too.

The Hoot
Aimed at students/professionals of Journalism and Communication Studies, this online resource attempts to bring together several relevant links and readings. It also attempts to provide tools for communities and individuals to interact with the media.

Bollywood Mantra
All the latest Bollywood gossip, news, reviews and a photo gallery of Indian Actors.

Tamil Cinema
A guide to Tamil cinema with up to date latest film related news, reviews, film trailers and Tamil music.

Nepal Film Producers' Association
NFPA was created in 1998 to protect and promote the cinema culture of Nepal.