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Access World News is available for access to some past issues of newspapers published in Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok Post, Jakarta Post, The Straits Times, New Straits Times, etc) [ On-campus use ] [ Off-campus use ].

General resources

Founded in 1996, it is an associations of organisations in the countries of Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific Islands to promote audiovisual archiving and to preserve and provide access to the region’s rich audiovisual heritage.

Radio Televeision Brunei
Founded 1975, it is the first colour Television Broadcasting services in Brunei.


Malaysia kini
This is an online daily news magazine providing current and up to date coverage on Malaysia.

New Straits Times
This is the online version of the New Straits Times, a daily newspaper from Malaysia (in English).


Sinematek Indonesia
Website of the first Film Archive institute in Southeast Asia.

Inside Indonesia
This site provides information on the hard copy magazine, providing indexes of recent editions with selected articles on-line, a database of past articles, news digest, and subscription form.

The Jakarta Post
This is the online version of the Jakarta Post, a daily Indonesian newspaper in English.


Asian Film Archive
Singapore based organization founded to preserve the film heritage of Singapore and Asian cinema.


Bangkok Post
This is the online version of the Bangkok Post, a daily newspaper covering political, business and sport news with entertainment and travel guide, restaurant review, and classifieds.

The Phuket Gazette
Weekly English language newspaper. The site also includes a local access television channel.


Vientiane Times
This is the website for the Vientiane Times, a biweekly English newspaper from Laos.


The Myanmar Times
This is the website for the Myanmar Times, an international weekly newspaper. The site is available both in English and Burmese.