National Statistics Bureau- Bhutan
This website provides an overview of statistics of Bhutan including housing and population census data.

Kuenselonline: Bhutan’s Daily News Site
Bhutan’s daily news site provides national and regional news. Includes a forum discussion board, an archive with literary articles, and a political editorial.

Bhutan Broadcasting Service
This web resource provides up-to-date online broadcasting with breaking news from across Bhutan.

Royal Society for the Protection of Nature- Bhutan (RSPN)
RSPN was established in 1987. Over the years, it has evolved as a complementary partner to the Royal Government in its endeavours to conserve Bhutan’s rich natural resource base.

U.S Department of State- Bhutan
This US government website analyses human rights issues in Bhutan.

Library of Congress- Country Study of Bhutan
The Library of Congress’ country study guide to Bhutan covers research resources that include geographical statistics, religious traditions, foreign relations and the legal system.

Centre for Bhutan Studies
The Centre for Bhutan Studies is a Bhutan-based autonomous research institute dedicated to promoting research and scholarship on Bhutan. The site provides links to the Centre’s full-text, downloadable monographs and periodical articles.

The International Development Research Centre- Bhutan
This site provides aid to Developing countries through Science and Technology. It looks for sustainable methods of building healthier societies. The site also provides information on projects in Bhutan.