• ANU E-Press: Electronic Books
    Based at the Australian National University ANU E-Press provides free access to many of its academic monographs. Many titles relate to South East Asia and the Pacific.

  • The Asia/Pacific Research Center publications
    Publications from the Asia/Pacific Research Center, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University.

  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
    ASEAN was established in 1967. The objectives of ASEAN is to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region and to promote regional peace and stability.

  • Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
    APEC is the primary regional vehicle for promoting open trade and practical economic co-operation. Its goal is to advance Asia-Pacific economic dynamism and sense of community.

  • Association of South-East Asian Studies UK (ASEASUK)
    ASEASUK is a leading organisation of Southeast Asianists in the UK. Most members are academics specializing in the region from more than 30 universities and covering a range of disciplines.

  • Asia Society
    Speeches, reports and journal articles on a range of subjects, with excellent coverage of Southeast Asia matters.

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    ADB is a multilateral development finance institution, headquartered in Manila, dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Center for Southeast Asia Studies (University of California at Berkeley)
    Promotes faculty and graduate research, presents on-campus lecture series and cultural programs, organizes conferences, and receives visiting scholars from around the world.

  • Council on Southeast Asia Studies (Yale University )
    Aims to facilitate training of top quality graduate and undergraduate students, and to promote research and teaching on all aspects of the cultures, politics and economies of Southeast Asia.

    EUROSEAS sets itself the task of enhancing Southeast Asian studies in Europe.

  • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS, Singapore)
    Singapore-based regional research centre for scholars and other specialists concerned with modern Southeast Asia and its wider geo-strategic and economic environment.

  • Southeast Asia Digital Library (SEADL), NIU
    SEADL has a wide variety of materials published or otherwise produced in Southeast Asia, largely drawn from the collections of universities and individual scholars in this region.

  • Southeast Asian Library Group (SEALG)
    The SEALG is a professional organization for librarians, archivists, subject specialists and curators working with Southeast Asia related collections.

  • Southeast Asian Images & Texts (Wisconsin)
    This website brings together, in digital form, contains digitized images, including photographs and slides of Southeast Asia.

  • Southeast Asia Program (Cornell, SEAP)
    SEAP's objective is to develop training and research opportunities primarily for graduate students on the languages and cultures Southeast Asia.