Who can borrow?

Staff and students of SOAS can borrow Short Loan DVDs on level E

What can I borrow?

Only 4 x 3 day loan items may be borrowed by one user at any one time, these include DVD's and CD's.

Reference DVDs are for use in the Library only. To view Reference DVDs, you need to request them at the Enquiry/Issue Desk using a 'Requisition Slip'

How do I borrow?

All short Loan DVDs are kept in security cases. Check out the DVDs at the Issue Desk or using self-service machines.

Take your items to the Issue Desk on Level E (Ground Floor) where a member of staff will issue the item and open the case for you.
If you check out DVDs using the self-services machines, you need to unlock the DVD using the swipe device just outside the Library entrance.

Please note that DVDs cannot be renewed online .

Please note that the exit alarm will sound if you do not have items issued to you before leaving the Library.

How to open security cases?

1. Slide down to unlock the case

2. Check the green sign is 'on'

I am an external user. Can I use DVDs?

You are welcome to watch DVDs in the Library during staffed hours.
Please bring DVDs to the Issue Desk where a member of staff will open the case. Your Library card will remain at the desk until the DVD is returned.

Returning DVDs

During Library opening times DVDs should be returned either to staff at the Issue Desk or using the self-return machine opposite the Issue Desk.
When you return DVDs via the self-service machine, please place the DVDs inside the book bin after return.
Outside Library opening times items may be returned to the book bin outside the Library.
Please note that for the new academic year 2015-2016, the loan period for DVDs are extended to 3 days. You will be charged a fine (75p per day) for the late item.

DVDs and Copyright

  • DVDs can only be used for non-commercial research, private study purposes
  • DVDs in the Library collection should not be shown to the public as this is an exclusive right of the rights holder.
  • Most public performances of a video in a public room, whether or not a fee is charged, are an infringement of copyright. Such performances require a public performance license from the rights holder.
  • Public performances of a video/DVD in the face-to-face classroom is an exception to the public performance right.