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Mr Kulamitra David Zukas

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Kulamitra Zukas
Mr Kulamitra David Zukas
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Revealing the Religious Landscape at Bhaja, Bedsa and Karle, Buddhist Rock-cut Monasteries
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  • 1977- 2020: Member of the Western Buddhist Order/Triratna Buddhist Order.
  • 1980-2015: Founding Trustee of Aid For India/Karuna Trust.
  • 1981-86: Chairman of the London Buddhist Centre.
  • 1990-4: BA Religious Studies and History (SOAS).
  • 1993-2002: Chairman of the North London Buddhist Centre.
  • 2012-15: MA History of Art and Archaeology (SOAS).
  • 2015-20:President of the North London Buddhist Centre.
  • 2016-20: PhD Student in the History of Art and Archaeology Dept. (SOAS).

PhD Research

I have been researching what the material remains of rock-cut monasteries reveal of the life of early Buddhists. I have found networks of smaller hermitages and monastic rock-shelters in-between three early rock-cut Buddhist monasteries at Bhaja, Bedsa and Karla.I have also re-evaluated the major monasteries, discovering new features missed by previous studies. I have been able to integrate and date the phases of architectural and monastic development in all these sites in the upper Indrayani Valley.


  • Annual Allchin Symposium in South Asian Archaeology 2019. UKABS Annual Conference 2017.


  • Member of Triratna Buddhist Order


  • Archaeology of Buddhism
  • Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • Rock-cut Buddhist monasteries
  • Buddhist monastic rock-shelters
  • Buddhist stÅ«pa worship
  • Early Buddhism in South Asia