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LLB (Utrecht) LLM (SOAS)
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Lucia Kula
School of Law

Ms Sidonia Lucia Kula
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Paul Webley Wing (Senate House)
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Tuesday 12.30 - 13.30
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Working Title: The Accountability of States for the Rape, Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Congolese Refugees in Angola
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PhD Research

The research is a legal analysis of three tiers of law; domestic law, refugee law and international Law (on State Responsibility) in  the critical examination of vulnerability of (irregular) migrants lives and their strategies to survival. Understanding the intersections of gender and the (im)mobility of displacement within the context of conflict, violence and post-conflict societies demands for an analysis to understand identity and security, and how this interacts with the law. The project examines the tenuous temporalities of (irregular) migrant and refugee communities in border spaces (Angola/DRC) and the role of law, economic factors and gender effects in the production of vulnerabilities and violence. The research pivots around an interdisciplinary study of examining border spaces and the changing forms of legality, highlighting the importance of a cross-cultural approach which takes gender, race and economic privilege/disadvantage in mind.


What Women Want before Justice: Examining Justice Initiatives to Challenge Violence against Women in the DRC, International Journal of Transitional Justice - Oxford University Press (co-author Bilge Sahin), 2018

Book Review: Sexual Violence As A Weapon Of War: Perceptions, Prescriptions, Problems In The Congo And Beyond; S Lucia Kula (2016-02) Fem Rev, Palgrave Macmillan journal


  • Harvard Law School - Institute for Global Law and Policy 2019 IGLP Scholars Workshop (2019)
  • Workshop: Lusophoning Southern African Studies - University of Copenhagen (2018)
  • Workshop: Borders, Frontiers and Migration, in collaboration with Ondjango Feminista in partnership with EU Delegation to Angola, Luanda Angola (2018)
  • Angola Forum 2017: Economic Diversification, Development and Strengthening Democracy Panelist Consented Magazine; Focusing on Borders, Displacement and Mental Health – Chatam House (2017)
  • Workshop: Local, Regional and International Perspectives on Political Settlement and Transition, Onati, Spain (2016)
  • Panelist on We The People’s Film Festival in conjunction with the United Nations Association (UNA) and War Child with a focus on migration and the refugee crisis (2015)


  • AlertFund for Youth - Board Member and Secretary
  • MDG-Net
  • UNDP Gender-Net


Legal Systems of Asia and Africa


  • Migration and Refugee Law
  • International Law
  • Central and Southern Africa
  • Gender and Armed Conflicts


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