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Sidonia Lucia Kula

LLB (Utrecht) LLM (SOAS)
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Lucia Kula
Ms Sidonia Lucia Kula
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Working Title: The Accountability of States for the Rape, Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Congolese Refugees in Angola
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PhD Research

The research consists of a legal analysis of three tiers of law; domestic law, refugee law and international Law (on State Responsibility) with a focus on postcolonial feminist critique of international and refugee law from an interdisciplinary perspective. In the international legal arena it is necessary to revisit the binaries that address security, movement, and the failures of states to respond. Within the dichotomy of international law and the public/private sphere the research challenges the consequences of not categorising women separately, when the international neutral language of law, development and economics often gives the assumption that international law is centred on the interests of men. 
As an African scholar, the aim of this research is to contribute to the scholarship from an African feminist perspective. A significant part of the research will consist of field work. The field work will focus on the northern border regions between Angola and the DRC. The fieldwork will partially also consist of participant observation to contribute to an understanding and analysis of women’s lived experiences in the private/public sphere dichotomy within the context of (sexual) violence and abuse.


  • AlertFund for Youth - Board Member and Secretary
  • SPEAK Network
  • MDG-Net
  • UNDP Gender-Net
  • URIOS (Study Association for International and European Law)


  • Central and Southern Africa
  • Gender and Armed Conflicts
  • Human Rights Law
  • International (Humanitarian) Law
  • Justice and Reconciliation in Post Conflict Societies
  • Law and Colonialism
  • Political Science
  • Migration and Refugee Law
  • The African Diaspora
  • African Representation in Academia