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Dr Grace (Yu) Mou

LLB (China), MA (China), Diploma (Kent), PhD (Warwick)
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Mou Grace
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Dr Grace (Yu) Mou
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+44 (0)20 7898 4277
Paul Webley Wing (Senate House)
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Wednesdays 11-1pm (term 2)


Prior to joining SOAS, Grace taught at the University of Warwick and the University of Hull.

Grace’s research interests lie primarily in Asian criminal justice, comparative criminal procedure, and socio-legal studies, especially in the country of China. Her research examines the on-going criminal justice reform in China, which is set within a broad range of contexts -- of political, occupational and legal cultures -- from the value of deference to authority, hierarchical structures, retribution and deterrence, to the integration of these into the state apparatus which determine the way state power is exercised. Her research seeks to provide a rich description of the criminal process in action, and stimulate debate of the difficult legal issues concerning the way China deals with matters relating to criminal justice and human rights.

Grace welcomes proposals from students for supervising research in the following areas:

  • Criminal justice policy in a comparative context
  • Criminal procedures (including investigation, public prosecution and trials)
  • Policing and criminal evidence
  • Criminal defence and lawyer studies



Criminal justice;  criminal law; comparative criminal justice; criminal evidence; Chinese law; criminology; Asian legal systems; socio-legal studies.


Authored Books

Mou, Yu (2020) The Construction of Guilt in China: An Empirical Account of Routine Chinese Injustice. Oxford: Hart Publishing.


Mou, Yu (2022) 'Techniques To Exploit Vulnerabilities: Persuasion And Education In Chinese Police Interrogations'. British Journal of Criminology, (62) 3, pp 734-750.

Wang, Juan and Mou, Yu (2021) 'The Paradigm Shift in the Disciplining of Village Cadres in China: From Mao to Xi'. The China Quarterly, (248) S1, pp 181-199.

Mou, Yu (2021) 'The Transplanted Appropriate Adult Scheme in China'. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice, (60) 1, pp 25-45.

Mou, Yu (2017) 'Overseeing Criminal Justice: The Supervisory Role of the Public Prosecution Service in China'. Journal of Law and Society, (44) 4, pp 620-645.

Mou, Yu (2017) 'The Constructed Truth: The Making of Police Dossiers in China'. Social & Legal Studies, (26) 1, pp 69-88.

Mou, Yu (2015) 'Conducting Participant Observation Inside the Prosecutor's Office: Understanding the Dossier-Based Chinese Criminal Justice System'. SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Book Chapters

Mou, Yu (2021) '英国刑事法律中关于性侵儿童案件的基本问题 (Rules and Principles on Sexual Offences against Children in the UK)'. In: Wu, Hongyao, (ed.), 刑事法学研究 (Criminal Law Studies). Beijing: China University of Political Society and Law Press, pp 130-179.

Hodgson, Jacqueline and Mou, Yu (2019) 'Empirical Approaches to Criminal Procedure'. In: Brown, Darryl and Turner, Jania and Weisser, Bettina, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp 43-66.

Mou, Yu (2015) 'Beyond Legitimate Grounds: External Influences and the Discretionary Power not to Prosecute in the People's Republic of China'. In: Caiaoniello, Michele and Hodgson, Jacqueline, (eds.), Discretionary Criminal justice in a Comparative Context. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, pp 115-139.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Mou, Yu (2022) How to Turn Your PhD Dissertation into a Book. [Forthcoming]

Mou, Yu (2022) The Construction of Guilt in China – Q&A with Grace (Yu) Mou.

Mou, Yu (2021) How to Prevent Miscarriages of Justice.

Mou, Yu (2021) Miscarriages of Justice and the Construction of Criminality in the People’s Republic of China.

Mou, Yu (2020) Another Miscarriage of Justice in China: Is it the Tip of the Iceberg?.

Mou, Yu (2016) Visiting Detention Centres in China.


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