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Iris Lim

BA (Bates College); MSc (London School of Economics)
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Iris Lim
Department of Development Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Politics and International Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Iris Lim
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Thesis title:
Experiencing the Digital Governance Immigration: a Qualitative Comparison of London and Seoul
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The use of websites by governments (digital government) for the management of immigration is gaining widespread popularity throughout national and international institutions. However, despite their current popularity, the use of websites for this purpose remains understudied. Research on digital government is usually focused on a policy implementation and measurable results, and it does not look at how people experience and understand it. By using a multi-method qualitative approach, this study fills this gap by exploring the variety of ways people understand and experience digital government in the context of immigration management.

Funded by the Korea Foundation Fellowship, this PhD thesis is committed to revealing how larger sociopolitical agendas coordinate the everyday experiences of policy, and I hope to shed light on how broader processes of migration, governance, and development converse with experiences of digital government.


  • Migration Museum Project
  • SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research
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  • Immigration policy
  • Development Studies
  • Digital Governance
  • Qualitative Research
  • Digital Research Methods
  • Comparative Research
  • Asia-Pacific Society
  • Politics