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Mr Salman Rafi

MSc MPhil (QAU, Pakistan)
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Salman Rafi Sheikh
Mr Salman Rafi
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Intra-Ethnic Fragmentation and the Politics of De-centralising Constitutional Change in Pakistan: A Comparative Study
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Born in a Kasur, a small city in Pakistan's Punjab province, I ended up doing my graduation from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad and writing my MPhil thesis on the history and politics of Baloch nationalism, later on published in a book form titled: The Genesis of Baloch Nationalism: Politics and Ethnicity in Pakistan, 1947-1977. I am currently working on my PhD project.

PhD Research

My PhD dissertation looks at the relationship between conflict within a politically dominant ethnic group and the politics of constituional change in multi-ethnic states. It focuses on the politics of the 18th amendment in Pakistan and how conflict within the Punjabis, Pakistan's biggest ethnic group, produced this major constituional change. It also compares Pakistan with Fiji, Indonesia and Russia.


Ethnic politics, ethno-national movements in multi-ethnic states (South Asia/Pakistan), ethnic politics and constitutional change in multi-ethnic states, comparative politics.