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Alessandra Mezzander
Department of Development Studies

Senior Lecturer in Development Studies

Centre for Gender Studies

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SOAS South Asia Institute

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Labour, Movements and Development

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Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and States

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Dr Alessandra Mezzadri
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Alessandra holds degrees in Economics from La Sapienza, Rome, and in Development Studies from SOAS, where she completed a PhD on the ‘making’ of cheap labour in the Indian garment industry, with an emphasis on the labour regime characterising the industry and its global and localised patterns of labour control. She writes and teaches on issues related to inequality and trade; global commodity chains and production networks; labour informality, informalisation and labour regimes; global labour standards, CSR and Modern Slavery; feminisms in development; gender and globalization; approaches to social reproduction and reproductive labour; and India’s political economy.

Alessandra has actively engaged with international organizations and NGOs such as the ILO, ActionAid, Labour Behind the Label, War on Want, SEWA-India and Anti-Slavery International on issues related to gender and work, global labour standards, anti-sweatshop campaigning and tackling modern slavery.

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  • Ayse Arslan, Low-Paid Industrial Workers in the Garment Industry, Un-Paid House-Workers in the Family: Women Workers in Turkey/Izmir

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PhD Students supervised

  • Ayse Arslan, Low-Paid Industrial Workers in the Garment Industry, Un-Paid House-Workers in the Family: Women Workers in Turkey/Izmir
  • Nithya Natarajan, Globally-Directed and Locally-Experienced: the Impact of Global Health Governance upon Tobacco Farmers in Tamil Nadu (working title)
  • Roshni Menon
  • Francesco Formichella
  • Jai Bhatia
  • Daniel Fuchs
  • Sila Demirors
  • Wanida Aaltonen


Alessandra has done extensive fieldwork in India, across multiple urban, peri-urban and rural sites. Her earlier research work has focused on the architecture of production, regional labour regimes and localized patterns of labour control characterizing the Indian export-oriented garment industry; on the incorporation of India into the global garment commodity chain; and on the limitations of corporate labour standards for labour in global commodity chains and production networks. Her more recent work has focused on the specific features and complex organization of the ‘Sweatshop Regime’ in factories and home-based settings in India; on labour contracting in global production; on the links between productive and reproductive realms of work, and on the interplays between labour regimes, the labouring body and health outcomes. Her research has been funded by the ESRC-DfiD (project ‘Labour standards and the working Poor in China and India’) and by the British Academy (project ‘The global Village? Homeworking in the global economy’). She is the author of The Sweatshop regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation, and Garments Made in India (CUP, 2017). 

Alessandra is currently working on Marxian analysis as fieldwork method; on the links between social reproduction and informal labour debates; and on productive and reproductive temporalities of exploitation in labour-intensive industries, including post-work dynamics. She welcomes PhD applications with a focus on India’ informal economy, on social reproduction and its link to productive work; on the global garment industry; on the politics of global labour standards and Modern Slavery; and on gender and globalisation and/or global commodity chains and production networks and labour more broadly.


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Authored Books

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2020) The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation and Garments Made in India (paperback). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2017) The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation and Garments Made in India. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Mezzadri, Alessandra (2022) 'Social reproduction and pandemic neoliberalism: Planetary crises and the reorganisation of life, work and death'. Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society, (29) 3, pp 379-400.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2022) 'Social Reproduction and Pandemic Neoliberalism: Planetary Crises and the Reorganization of Life, Work and Death'. Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society. [Forthcoming]

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Edited Books or Journals

Mezzadri, Alessandra and Newman, Susan and Stevano, Sara, (eds.), (2021) Feminist global political economies of work and social reproduction. Review of International Political Economy: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. [Forthcoming]

Mezzadri, Alessandra, (ed.), (2021) Marx in the Field. London: Anthem Press. (Frontiers of Global Political Economy and DevelopmentĀ Series).

Book Chapters

Baglioni, Elena and Campling, Liam and Mezzadri, Alessandra and Miyamura, Satoshi and Pattenden, Jonathan and Selwyn, Benjamin (2022) 'Exploitation and Labour Regimes: Production, Circulation, Social Reproduction, Ecology'. In: Baglioni, Elena and Campling, Liam and Coe, Neil M. and Smith, Adrian, (eds.), Labour Regimes and Global Production. Newcastle upon Tyne: Agenda Publishing, pp 81-100.

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Monographs and Working Papers

Mezzadri, Alessandra and Banerjee, Kaustav (2021) The afterlife of industrial work: Urban-to-rural labour transitions from the factory to the informal economy. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2021/158.

Mezzadri, Alessandra and Majumder, Sanjita (2018) The ‘Afterlife’ of Cheap Labour: Bangalore Garment Workers from Factories to the Informal Economy. FEDI and Cividep Working Paper: .

Lerche, Jens and Mezzadri, Alessandra and Chang, Dae-Oup and Ngai, Pun and Huilin, Ku and Aiyu, Liu and Srivastava, Ravi (2017) The Triple Absence of Labour Rights: Triangular Labour Relations and Informalisation in the Construction and Garment Sectors in Delhi and Shanghai.. London: SOAS University of London.

Mezzadri, Alessandra and Srivastava, Ravi (2015) Labour regimes in the Indian garment sector: capital-labour relations, social reproduction and labour standards in the National Capital Region. London: CDPR SOAS.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2015) Garment Sweatshop Regimes: The Informalisation of Social Responsibility over Health and Safety Provisions. CDPR Working paper 30/2015.

Book Reviews

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2016) 'Review of: Labour State and Society in Rural India: A Class Relational Approach, by Jonathan Pattenden. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016.'. Journal of Agrarian Change, (16) 4, pp 737-740.

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Mezzadri, Alessandra (2011) 'Review of 'Africa's Informal Workers: collective agency, alliances and transnational organising in urban Africa’ edited by Ilda Lindell'. Journal of Modern African Studies, (49) 2, pp 344-345.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Penn, Helen and Mezzadri, Alessandra (2022) Nurture versus Capitalism: Why the child went missing from for-profit childcare.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2022) Neoliberal capitalism and the commodification of social reproduction, from our home to our classroom.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2021) Informal Employment and the Social Reproduction of Value.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2020) The Time and Gender of GVCs: 3 Critical Points on the GVC & Development Report 2019. In Online Symposium on Global Value Chains, Trade and Development, edited by Donatella Alessandrini, Clair Gammage, and Jeremmy Okonjo.

Mezzadri, Alessandra and Ruwanpura, Kanchana N. (2020) How Asia’s clothing factories switched to making PPE – but sweatshop problems live on.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2020) A crisis like no other: social reproduction and the regeneration of capitalist life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2019) All is revealed: how productivity barely covers anything in fast fashion prices..

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2019) Review of: 'We the Workers'. Directed by Wen Hai. New York: Icarus Films, 2017. 174 minutes..

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2019) Rana Plaza, Six Years On: We Will Not Shop Where We Cannot Struggle.

Mezzadri, Alessandra (2019) The march out of the sweatshop: on work and life after the garment factory.


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