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David Mosse
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

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Professor David Mosse
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David Mosse is Professor of Social Anthropology. He studied social anthropology at Oxford University from where he received a DPhil. He has published extensively on the anthropology of religion, environment and development and is a Fellow of the British Academy. He has worked for Oxfam as Representative for South India, and for other international development agencies as a social development adviser. He joined SOAS in 1997 and served on its Board of Trustees 2013-16.


Programmes Convened
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PhD Students supervised
  • Cherry Briggs, The politics and ethics of climate change adaptation in Sri Lanka's Dry Zone (working title)
  • Himalay Gohel, Caste Genealogies: Myths and Histories of Dalit Communities from Saurashtra, India
  • Kiara Wickremasinghe, Innovation in Psychiatric Crisis Care: An Ethnographic Investigation into Peer-Supported Open Dialogue (POD) in Inner London (working title)
  • Philip Hadley,
  • Vidya Venkat, India’s Democratic Revolution: The Right to Information and the Anti-Corruption Discourse


My research spans interests in the anthropology of development and activism, environmental history and natural resources management, the anthropology of Christianity, South Asian society and popular religion, and the anthropology of mental health and cultural psychiatry. I have recently undertaken a collaborative ESRC research project titled ‘Caste Out of Development: Civil Society Activism and Transnational Advocacy on Dalit Rights and Development’ examining the continuing significance of caste in the modern market economy and in contemporary development encounters and contentions in India, as well as caste and anti-discrimination law in the UK. The attention to NGOs, networks and the cultural politics of development takes me back to my earlier career as a development worker (e.g., with Oxfam in India) and connects to continuing interest in the ethnography of aid, international development and global governance (e.g. books The Aid Effect, 2005: Brokers and Translators 2006. ed with David Lewis), as well as in aid professionals and their knowledge practices (Adventures in Aidland, 2011). Such research followed on from my study of DFID policy and project practice focused on rural livelihoods development in western India (Cultivating Development, 2005).

A second research stream involved the study of religion and the rights of subordinated people focusing on Christianity and contemporary Dalit movements, on social action and the everyday politics of caste in south India. This builds on long-term historical and ethnographic research examining the changing relationship between Christianity and caste society, and ‘religion’ and ‘culture’ more broadly (The Saint in the Banyan Tree, 2012).

I have interests in environmental history, water resources management and state-community relations (The Rule of Water, 2003), and in practical and policy issues surrounding participatory or community-driven development and labour migration (in western India). My concern is especially with the socially subordinated Dalits and Adivasis. Over the last 30 years I have combined academic anthropology with development practice. I worked as a social development adviser for DFID, as Regional Representative for Oxfam in south India, and as a rural development consultant for organisations such as the World Bank.

My most recent research interest is in the anthropology of mental life, distress and survival, and in mental healthcare systems, therapeutic practices and public policy in the UK and South Asia. This includes ethnographic and public engagement in approaches to psychiatric crisis and suicide prevention across cultures.

These interests are combined in teaching BA and MA courses on South Asian ethnography, the anthropology of development and undergraduate and postgraduate modules on ‘mind, culture and psychiatry’. 


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Authored Books

Mosse, David (2012) The Saint in the Banyan tree: Christianity and Caste Society in India. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Mosse, David (2005) Cultivating Development: An Ethnography of Aid Policy and Practice. London; Ann Arbor, MI.: Pluto Press.

Mosse, David (2003) The Rule of Water. Statecraft, Ecology and Collective Action in South India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.


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Edited Books or Journals

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Book Chapters

Mosse, David (2022) 'Reflections on Open Dialogue in mental health clinical and ethnographic practice'. In: Gilberthorpe, Emma, (ed.), Anthropological Perspectives on Global Challenges. New York & London: Routledge, pp 1-28. [Forthcoming]

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Monographs and Working Papers

Dhanda, M and Waughray, A and Keane, D and Green, R and Mosse, David and Whittle, S (2014) Caste in Britain: Socio-legal Review: Equality and Human Rights Commission Research Report no. 91.. Manchester: Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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Mosse, David (2007) Power and the durability of poverty: a critical exploration of the links between culture, marginality and chronic poverty. CPRC Working Paper 107, pp1-57. ISBN: 9781906433062.


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