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Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams

MA, PhD (Cantab), FBA
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PhD Students supervised
  • Benedikt Peschl, A critical edition of the Ahunavaitī Gāthā and its Pahlavi version (Part I: Yasna 28-30)


Iranian and Central Asian philology; Christian and Manichaean texts from Central Asia.


Authored Books

Sims-Williams, Nicholas and de Blois, François (2018) Studies in the chronology of the Bactrian documents from Northern Afghanistan. Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2017) An ascetic miscellany: The Christian Sogdian manuscript E28. Turnhout (Belgium): Brepols.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2016) A Dictionary: Christian Sogdian, Syriac and English. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2015) The Life of St Serapion and other Christian Sogdian texts from the manuscripts E25 and E26. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas and Hamilton, James (2015) Turco-Sogdian Documents from 9th–10th century Dunhuang. London: SOAS.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2014) Biblical and other Christian Sogdian texts from the Turfan Collection. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2007) Bactrian documents from Northern Afghanistan, Vol. 2: Letters and Buddhist texts. London: The Nour Foundation in association with Azimuth Editions.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2004) Recent discoveries in the Bactrian language and their historical significance. Kabul: Society for the Preservation of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2001) Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan, Vol I: Legal and Economic Documents. Oxford; New York: The Nour Foundation in association with Azimuth Editions and Oxford University Press.


Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2017) 'Two Iranian loanwords in Syriac'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (80) 3, pp 485-490.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas and Bi, Bo and Yan, Yan (2017) 'Another Sogdian-Chinese bilingual epitaph'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2002) 'The Bactrian inscription on the seal of Khingila'. Silk Road Art and Archaeology, (vol. 8), pp 143-148.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2002) 'On kings and nomads: New documents in ancient Bactrian reveal Afghanistan's past'. IIAS Newsletter, (vol. 2), pp 12-13.

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2001) 'The inscriptions on the Miho bowl and some comparable objects'. Studia Iranica, (vol. 3), pp 187-198.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2000) 'The Iranian inscriptions of Shatial'. Professor Gregory M. Bongard-Levin Felicitation Volume. Indologica Taurinensia, (23-24), pp 523-541.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas and Cribb, J (1996) 'A new Bactrian inscription of Kanishka the Great'. Silk Road Art and Archaeology, (4), pp 75-142.

Edited Books or Journals

Sims-Williams, Nicholas, (ed.), (2007) Part 4: Dictionary of Manichaean texts in Chinese. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols. (Dictionary of manichaean texts. Vol. III, Texts from Central Asia and China).

Blois, François de and Sims-Williams, Nicholas, (eds.), (2006) Dictionary of Manichaean texts. Vol. II, Texts from Iraq and Iran. Turnhout: Brepols.

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N., D and N., A and Sims-Williams, N, (eds.), (2001) Parthian economic documents from Nisa, Texts I, by I. M. Diakonoff & V. A. Livshits, edited by D. N. MacKenzie, A. N. Bader & N. Sims-Williams. SOAS (UK).

Book Chapters

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2019) 'A multilingual Manichean calendar from Turfan (U130)'. In: Gulácsi, Zsuzsanna, (ed.), Language, society, and religion in the world of the Turks : Festschrift for Larry Clark at seventy-five. Turnhout (Belgium): Brepols, pp 251-266.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2008) 'Bactrian tallies'. In: Huber, B and Volkart, M and Widmer, P, (eds.), Chomolangma, Demawend und Kasbek, Festschrift für Roland Bielmeier zu seinem 65. Geburtstag. Halle: International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, pp 525-523.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2003) 'Contrat de mariage bactrien'. In: Bopearachchi, O and Landes, C and Sachs, C, (eds.), De l’Indus à l’Oxus. Archéologie de l’Asie Centrale. Association Imago (France), pp 390-391, 393.

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Sims-Williams, Nicholas (1997) 'The denominal suffix -ant- and the formation of the Khotanese transitive perfect'. In: Lubotsky, Alexander, (ed.), Sound law and analogy. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp 317-325.

Conference Items

Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2004) 'Les sogdiens en chine - Towards a new edition of the Sogdian Ancient Letters'.


Sims-Williams, Nicholas (2002) 'In memoriam, for violin, viola and cello'.


Sims-Williams, Nicholas (1997) 'New light on ancient Afghanistan: the decipherment of Bactrian'.


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