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Griseldis Kirsch

MA, PhD (Trier)
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Griseldis Kirsch
Japan and Korea Section, Department of East Asian Languages and Culture

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Japanese Culture

SOAS Japan Research Centre (JRC)

Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre

Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS)


Centre for Media and Film Studies


Dr Griseldis Kirsch
Email address:
020 7898 4288
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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On Sabbatical:
Terms 1-3, 2017/18


Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Akiko Nagata, An Analysis of Family and Gender Roles in Japanese Television Drama
  • Elaine Chung, Transnational South Korean Stardom in China, 2000-16
  • Emma Horsley-Heather, NHK's children's broadcasting and its effect on Japanese identity and homogeneity
  • Forum Mithani, Challenging the Two-Parent Norm? Single Mothers in Japanese Visual Media
  • Laura Lopez Aira, Narrating the Korean 'other' in contemporary Japanese TV dramas
  • Lois Barnett, An Investigation of Audience Responses To and Motivations for the Use of Western-Inspired Costume in Japanese Cinema (1923-39)
  • Michiko Suzuki, History of Disaster, Recovery, and Humanitarianism: The Japanese Red Cross Society in the Modern World, 1877-1945
  • Yohei Koyama, Life with radiation: ethnography of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima
  • Yuko Kameda, Japan as Multi-ethnic Nation: Exploring the Iconography of Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary Japan


Japanese Media, Television drama


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Authored Books

Kirsch, Griseldis (2015) Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations on Screen, A History, 1989-2005. London: Bloomsbury.


Kirsch, Griseldis (2016) 'Who 'We' Are: Otherness, Nationalism and the Media'. Crossing Boundaries in Culture and Communication, (7) 1, pp 110-123.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2016) 'Japan in the Global Context - (Some) Challenges in the 21st Century'. Romanian Economic and Business Review, (10) 4, pp 199-214.

Kirsch, Griseldis and Gössmann, Hilaria (2014) 'Nostalgia for 'Asian' Traditions and Energy: Encounters with Chinese and Koreans in Japanese TV Drama'. Global Ethnographic, (2) 1, pp 1-33.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2014) 'Next-door divas: Japanese tarento, television and consumption'. Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, (6) 1, pp 74-88.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2012) 'Memory and Myth: The Bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima in German and Japanese TV Drama'. Contemporary Japan, (24) 1, pp 51-70.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2008) 'Partner oder Gegner? Begegnungen mit China, Taiwan und Hongkong in Kinofilm und Fernsehdrama in Japan'. Japan 2008. Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, (31), pp 241-265.

Edited Books or Journals

Kirsch, Griseldis and Martinez, Dolores and White, Merry, (eds.), (2015) Assembling Japan: Modernity, Technology and Global Culture. Oxford; Bern; Berlin, et al.: Peter Lang.

Book Chapters

Kirsch, Griseldis and Martinez, Dolores (2015) 'Japan as an Assemblage'. In: Kirsch, Griseldis and Martinez, Dolores and White, Merry, (eds.), Assembling Japan: Modernity, Technology and Global Culture. Oxford; Bern; Berlin, et al.: Peter Lang, pp 1-19.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2015) 'Relocating Japan? Japan, China and the West in Japanese Television Dramas'. In: Kirsch, Griseldis and Martinez, Dolores and White, Merry, (eds.), Assembling Japan: Modernity, Technology and Global Culture. Oxford; Bern; Berlin, et al.: Peter Lang, pp 113-133.

Kirsch, Griseldis and Manzenreiter, Wolfram and Horne, John and White, Merry and Katsuno, Hirofumi and Martinez, Dolores (2015) 'Afterword: Reassembling after 3/11'. In: Kirsch, Griseldis and Martinez, Dolores and White, Merry, (eds.), Assembling Japan: Modernity, Technology and Global Culture. Oxford, Bern, Berlin, et al.: Peter Lang, pp 231-238.

Gössmann, Hilaria and Kirsch, Griseldis (2014) 'Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: 'Asian Stars' in Japanese TV Drama'. In: Kim, Jeongmee, (ed.), Reading Asian Television Drama: Crossing Borders and Breaking Boundaries. London: I.B. Tauris, pp 147-168.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2011) 'Visionen eines heterogenen Japan? Internationalität und Identitätskonstruktionen in japanischen Fernsehdramen'. In: Köhn, Stephan and Schimmelpfennig, Michael, (eds.), China, Japan und das Andere. Ostasiatische Identitäten im Zeitalter des Transkulturellen. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, pp 53-74.

Kirsch, Griseldis and Gössmann, Hilaria (2011) 'Eine Brücke über das 'tiefe weite Meer'? Japanisch-koreanische Begegnungen im Genre Fernsehdrama in Japan (2003-2009)'. In: Gössmann, Hilaria and Mrugalla, Andreas and Jaschke, Renate, (eds.), Interkulturelle Begegnungen in Literatur, Film und Fernsehen. Ein deutsch-japanischer Vergleich. Munich: Iuidicium, pp 261-281.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2009) 'Japanisch-chinesische Begegnungen im Genre Yakuza-Film [Japanese-Chinese Encounters in the yakuza-film genre]'. In: Distelrath, Günther, (ed.), Refereate des 13. Deutschsprachigen Japanologentags, Band 1 Kultur und Sprachwissenschaft. Bonner Asienstudien Band 8/1. Berlin: EBVerlag, pp 177-192.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2007) 'Spiritual Healing in China? Encounters with the People's Republic of China in Japanese Cinema and TV Drama'. In: Schoenbein, M. and Koehn, S., (eds.), Facetten der japanischen Populaer- und Medienkultur 2.. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, pp 45-68.

Conference Items

Kirsch, Griseldis (2002) 'Oolong-Tee oder Instantnudeln - Zum Chinabild in der japanischen Fernsehwerbung' In: 12. German-language conference of Japanese Studies, 2002, Bonn. [Submitted]

Book Reviews

Kirsch, Griseldis (2010) 'Review:‘Graburn, Nelson H.H., John Ertl, R. Kenji Tierney (eds.): Multiculturalism in the New Japan. Crossing the Boundaries Within. New York: Berghahn Books.''. Anthropos 1, pp 276-277.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2008) 'Review of: ‘Sabine Frühstück, Uneasy Warriors: Gender, Memory and Popular Culture in the Japanese Army’.” Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2007.'. East Asia, (25), pp 211-213.


Kirsch, Griseldis and Cocuz, Ioana and Igrutinovic´, Danica (2017) 'Us and Them: Negotiation National Identities in a Shifting Europe'.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2016) 'Controlling the Media in Japan [Blog Post]' Ballots & Bullets | School of Politics & International Relations, University of Nottingham.

Kirsch, Griseldis (2004) '自由のビジョンとしての「アジア」 テレビドラマにおける女性の異文化接触を中心に (テレビドラマ『香港明星迷』と『本家のヨメ』における女性の異文化接触を中心 に)'. [Submitted]


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