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Dr Antonio Andreoni

BSc (Bologna), MSc (Bologna), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)
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Antonio Andreoni
Department of Economics

REF Coordinator

Industrial Development and Policy

Research Cluster Convenor

Centre of African Studies


Dr Antonio Andreoni
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Antonio is Senior Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University of London and Research Director of the Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), UK Aid. At SOAS he is also Principal Investigator for ‘Governing financialisation, innovation and productivity in UK manufacturing’ (GOFINPRO), a research project funded by the Gatsby Foundation, and holder of the South Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development UNU-WIDER Research Grant. Antonio also leads the SOAS Industrial Development ad Policy (IDP) Interdepartmental Research Cluster and is a Member of the Centre of African Studies.

In 2017 Antonio was appointed Visiting Associate Professor of the South African Research Chair in Industrial Development, University of Johannesburg.

Before joining SOAS Antonio was Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. At Cambridge Antonio was among the founding members of the Babbage International Research Network. Antonio has also a long standing affiliation with the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) led by Joseph Stiglitz at Columbia University where he has contributed to the Task Forces on Industrial Policy and Quality of Growth in Africa since 2013. Antonio is also Associate Member of the Academic-Industry Research (AIR) Network, Cambridge MA and one of the founding members of Reteaching Economics, UK.

Antonio’s research in production, technological and organisational change, industrial ecosystems, structural and institutional dynamics, industrial policy appeared in leading international journals including the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society, Energy Policy, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Oxford Review of Economic Policy. Antonio is the leading editor of the Special issues on “The Dynamics of Industrial and Economic Renewal in Mature Economies” (forthcoming in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2018), “Frontiers of Industrial Policy” (forthcoming in Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2019).

For over a decade Antonio collaborated and advised international organisations and governments including UNIDO; ILO; UNCTAD; UNDP; UN DESA; UN ECA; World Bank; DFID; OECD; BMZ-GIZ; AFD; JICA; Tanzanian Ministry of Industry and Trade; South Africa Department of Trade and Industry; Finnish Ministry of Economy and Employment; UK Government Office for Science. Antonio was also Scientific Advisor for the World Bank Competitive Industries and Innovation Programme (CIIP). Antonio has also worked with development and research think tanks including the Overseas Development Institute (ODI); Gatsby Foundation Africa, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Antonio is Associate Editor of L’Industria – Review of Industrial Economics and Policy, an academic journal founded in 1881 in Milan. Antonio is also Member of the Scientific Committee of the Revue d’economie industrielle.

Antonio holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Hassan Sherry, Industrialisation in the MENA Region: The Case of Egypt, Turkey and Iran (working title)
  • Julian Boys, Smart Industrial Policy under International Trade Rules: Using Available Policy Space to Promote Structural Transformation in Developing Countries (Working Title)
  • Julian Manuel Goetz, The Labour Dynamics in Tanzania‘s Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) Sector: A Pathway Towards Sustainable Poverty Reduction? (Working Title)
  • Olayinka Babalola, Structural Transformation in the Technology Service Sector in Nigeria
  • Sofia Torreggiani, Development Dynamics in Emerging Countries under Shifting Global Production and Trade Patterns: Evidence from South Africa (working title)


Antonio’s work focuses on the political economy of industrial development and policy, specifically the structural, technological and organisational dynamics whereby value is created, captured and distributed within and across different production systems and political settlements. Antonio has conducted extensive research in both advanced and developing countries on productive capabilities, learning and diversification; industrial ecosystems and innovative industrial renewal; automation technologies and public technology intermediaries; the investment-profit nexus and financialisation of manufacturing; policy enforcement and corruption in skills development, power generation and other sectors; and the nexus between corruption processes and structural transformation dynamics in LDCs, Tanzania in particular.

  • Industrial economics, development and policy 
    Production structures and capabilities; Learning, organisations and innovation; Critical product systems, automation and robotisation; Energy technology mix; Industrial ecosystems; Linkages, local production systems and value chains; Diversification and innovative industrial renewal; Structural economic dynamics; Comparative political economy of industrial development; Industrial policy packages; The role of the state. In collaboration with Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge and SOAS Professorial Research Associate).

  • Financialisation of manufacturing and corporate governance
    Productivity puzzle and financialisation; Profit-investment nexus; Corporate governance of the firm and industrial ecosystems; Regulatory reforms and policy; Aerospace and Bio-pharma. In collaboration with William Lazonick (Emeritus Mass Lowell and SOAS Professorial Research Associate) and GOFINPRO Research Group.

  • Corruption and political economy of development
    Institutional change and governance; Rents analysis; Political settlements; Political economy of development; Sector specific corruption dynamics; Feasible anti-corruption strategies. In collaboration with Mushtaq Khan and SOAS ACE Research Consortium.

  • Global economic policy and ideas in Economics
    International trade; Global rules and regimes; Global governance; Global and regional politics; SDGs; History and power of economic ideas; Teaching and Reteaching Economics. In collaboration with Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge and SOAS Professorial Research Associate).



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Authored Books

Andreoni, Antonio and Sassatelli, Marco and Vichi, Giulia (2013) Nuovi Bisogni Finanziari: La Risposta del Microcredito in Italia. Bologna: Il Mulino.

Andreoni, Antonio and Pelligra, Vittorio (2009) Microfinanza. Dare Credito alle Relazioni.. Bologna: Il Mulino.


Chang, Ha-Joon and Andreoni, Antonio (2020) 'Industrial Policy in the 21st Century'. Development and Change, (51) 2. [Forthcoming]

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Andreoni, Antonio (2011) 'The technology of microcredit. State of the art and prospects of development in Italy'. Bancaria, (2).

Edited Books or Journals

Chang, Ha-Joon and Andreoni, Antonio, (eds.), (2020) Bringing Production Back into Development. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (Special issue of the European Journal of Development Research). [Forthcoming]

Andreoni, Antonio and Chang, Ha-Joon and Scazzieri, Roberto, (eds.), (2019) Frontiers of Industrial Policy: Structures, Institutions and Policies. Amsterdam: Elsevier. (Special Issue of Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Volume 48, Pages 1-150).

Andreoni, Antonio and Chang, Ha-Joon and Konzelman, Sue and Shipman, Alan, (eds.), (2018) The Dynamics of Industrial and Economic Renewal in Mature Industrial Economies: Implications for Theory and Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Special Issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp. 1495-1704).

Book Chapters

Andreoni, Antonio and Lazonick, William (2020) 'Business Enterprises and Industrial Ecosystems as Drivers of National Development'. In: Lin, Justin Yifu and Oqubay, Arkebe, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Industrial Hubs and Economic Development. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming]

Chang, Ha-Joon and Andreoni, Antonio (2019) 'Institutions and the Process of Industrialisation: Towards a Theory of Social Capability Development'. In: Nissanke, Machiko and Ocampo, Jose Antonio, (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics: Critical Reflections on Globalization and Development. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 409-439.

Andreoni, Antonio (2019) 'A Generalised Linkage Approach to Local Production Systems Development in the Era of Global Value Chains, with special reference to Africa'. In: Kanbur, Ravi and Noman, Akbar and Stiglitz, Joseph, (eds.), The Quality of Growth in Africa. New York, USA: Columbia University Press.

Andreoni, Antonio and Chang, Ha-Joon and Estevez, Isabel (2019) 'New Global Rules, Policy Space and Quality of Growth in Africa'. In: Kanbur, Ravi and Noman, Akbar and Stiglitz, Joseph, (eds.), The Quality of Growth in Africa. New York, USA: Columbia University Press.

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Andreoni, Antonio (2016) 'Varieties of Industrial Policy: Models, Packages and Transformation Cycles'. In: Noman, A. and Stiglitz, J., (eds.), Efficiency, Finance and Varieties of Industrial Policy: Guiding Resources, Learning, and Technology for Sustained Growth. New York, USA: Columbia University Press, pp 245-305.

Andreoni, Antonio (2015) 'Struttura e dinamiche dell’innovazione dei sistemi manifatturieri moderni: un quadro di analisi e di politica industriale per l’Italia'. In: Quadrio Curzio, Alberto and Fortis, Marco, (eds.), Il ruolo strategico del sistema metalmeccanico italiano. Dai metalli alla meccatronica. Bologno: Il Mulino.

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Andreoni, Antonio (2013) 'Microfinance'. In: Bruni, Luigino and Zamagni, Stefano, (eds.), Handbook of the Economics of Philanthropy, Reciprocity and Social Enterprise. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, pp 227-327.

Monographs and Working Papers

Khan, Mushtaq and Andreoni, Antonio and Roy, Pallavi (2019) Illicit Financial Flows: theory and measurement challenges. SOAS University of London: Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium Working Paper 06.

Andreoni, Antonio (2018) Skilling Tanzania: improving financing, governance and outputs of the skills development sector. SOAS University of London: Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium Working Paper 06.

Andreoni, Antonio and Tregenna, Fiona (2018) Stuck in the Middle: Premature Deindustrialisation and Industrial Policy. CCRED Working Paper N. 11/2018.

Andreoni, Antonio (2017) Anti-Corruption in Tanzania: A political settlements analysis. SOAS University of London: Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Research Consortium Working Paper 01.

Andreoni, Antonio (2017) Mapping Industrial Production in Tanzania: A Disaggregated Analysis Based on the 2013 Mainland Census. UNIDO Working paper series No. 12/2017.

Khan, Mushtaq and Andreoni, Antonio and Roy, Pallavi (2016) Anti-Corruption in Adverse Contexts: A Strategic Approach. London: SOAS. [Unpublished]

Andreoni, Antonio and Upadhyaya, Shyam (2014) Growth and distribution pattern of the world manufacturing output: a statistical profile. UNIDO Working paper series, No. 02-14.

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Chang, Ha-Joon and Andreoni, Antonio and Kuan, Ming Leong (2013) International industrial policy experiences and the lessons for the UK. London: UK Government Office for Science.

Andreoni, Antonio (2011) Productive Capabilities Indicators for Industrial Policy Design. UNIDO Working paper series, No. 17-11.

Andreoni, Antonio (2011) Manufacturing Agrarian Change. Agricultural production, inter-sectoral learning and technological capabilities. DRUID Working paper series No. 11-13.

Book Reviews

Andreoni, Antonio (2017) 'Review of: Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development. Rethinking Innovative Milieus by Leila Kebir. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2016.'. Economic Issues, (22) 2, pp 121-122.


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