Postgraduate fees

Fees are payable in full at enrolment and should be paid in pounds sterling (GBP). A fee payment by instalment option is available to self-funding students undertaking on-campus degree programmes.

Please note that the fees below are for the 2024/25 academic year only. Fees go up each year, therefore your tuition fee in your second and subsequent years of study will be higher. Our continuing students, on the same degree programme, are protected from annual increases higher than 5%. Two year full-time programmes who have 2 years of full-time fees will be subject to this increase. 

Some fee rates for students who enrolled on their degrees before 2020/21 are different - please see the Protected Fee Schedule 2020/21

The Government has guaranteed EU fee status students, both those that returned and those started in 2019/20 and 2020/21, that their tuition fees will remain at the Home/EU level for the duration of their programme of study at SOAS.

However, new students starting in and from September 2021 that have EU status will be classified as Overseas.

Students who are formally sponsored or funded by educational loans should provide evidence of funding for the relevant year before enrolment to 

2024/25 academic year

Postgraduate Taught (Masters)
Band 1: Anthropology, Arts, History, Religions, Philosophy, Languages and Culture, Linguistics, East Asian Languages and Culture, Gender, Media, Development, Politics, Economics
Band 2: Finance, Management, Law
Band 3: International Studies and Diplomacy 
Postgraduate Associate Students
Home (full-time)£12,220
Home (part-time, 2-years)£6,110
Home (part-time, 3-years)£4,075
Overseas (full-time)£25,320
Overseas (part-time, 2-years)£12,660
Overseas (part-time, 3-years)£8,440
Home (full-time)£15,130
Home (part-time, 2-years)£7,565
Home (part-time, 3-years)£5,045
Overseas (full-time)£25,740
Overseas (part-time, 2-years)£12,870
Overseas (part-time, 3-years)£8,580
Home (full-time)£18,030
Home (part-time, 2-years)£9,015
Home (part-time, 3-years)£6,010
Overseas (full-time)£26,660
Overseas (part-time, 2-years)£13,330
Overseas (part-time, 3-years)£8,890
Home (30 credits)£2,040
Home (15 credits) £1,020
Overseas (30 credits)£4,220
Overseas (15 credits)£2,110


Postgraduate Taught (Masters) with Work Placement
Band 1: Development Studies, Economics
Home (full-time) £13,605
Overseas (full-time)£26,705
Band 2: School of Finance and Management
Home (full-time)£16,515
Overseas (full-time)£27,125


Postgraduate Certificate
Band 1: Languages and Culture, Linguistics, Politics, 
Band 2: Law
Home (full-time)£4,075
Home (part-time)£2,040
Overseas (full-time)£8,440
Overseas (part-time)£4,220
Home (full-time)£5,045
Home (part-time)£2,525
Overseas (full-time)£8,580
Overseas (part-time)£4,290