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Study Abroad / Exchange Programme at SOAS

How to Apply

Applying to the Study Abroad / Exchange Programme is very simple!  Please see below links for more information on the different steps you should take in making your application.


We receive applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world, contributing to the extremely diverse student body at SOAS.  Any student is welcome to apply to SOAS as a Study Abroad student, but we also maintain agreements with particular universities and receive Exchange students from Japan, Korea, and India as well as students from European countries participating in the Erasmus programme.  

Exchange Partnerships

Students from one of our partner institutions should contact the home institution’s International Office to find out more information about being nominated to SOAS as an exchange student.  

All other students are welcome to apply as Study Abroad Students.  


Study Abroad students either continue to pay their usual home university tuition fees, come to SOAS via a Study Abroad provider or are welcome to enrol directly.  Nominated exchange students are not charged SOAS tuition fees. Please see our website for more information about Fees & Expenses.

Information for dual nationality students (EU and Overseas):

Fee status can either be Home/EU or Overseas. The main criterion for Home/EU fee status is settled residency: 3 years ordinary residence in the UK or EU country for purposes other than full-time education. The 3 years is normally the period preceding 1 September before the start of your degree programme.  Please be prepared to provide evidence of residency.

Term Dates

We offer three study options: Full academic year, Term 1 only or Term 2 & 3.  While Term 1 and Term 2 include teaching, Term 3 is an examination term where little teaching takes place. One week in each term is designated as a Reading Week where no formal teaching takes place.  To take full advantage of all SOAS and London have to offer, we recommend enrolling for the full academic year. • Full academic year (Autumn and Spring semesters): September – June,
• Term 1 only (Autumn semester): September – December, or
• Terms 2 and 3 only (Spring semester): January – June

Please note: we cannot offer a Terms 1 and 2 programme.

2017/18 Term Dates

Term 1: 25 September - 15 December 2017

Arrive by: 24 September 2017

Orientation/ Welcome Week: 25-29 September 2017

Teaching Begins: 2 October 2017

Reading Week: 6-10 November 2017

Teaching Ends: 15 December 2017

Term 2: 8 January – 23 March 2018

Arrive by: 6 January 2018

Orientation Day: 7 January 2018

Reading Week: 12–16 February 2018

Teaching Ends: 23 March 2018

Term 3 (Exam term): 23 April–15 June 2018

2018/19 Term Dates
Term 1: 24 September - 14 December 2018
Arrive by: 23 September 2017
Orientation/ Welcome Week: 24-28 September 2018
Teaching Begins: 1 October 2018
Reading Week: 5-9 November 2018
Teaching Ends: 14 December 2018

Term 2: 7 January – 23 March 2019
Arrive by: 5 January 2019
Orientation Day: 6 January 2019
Reading Week: 11–15 February 2019
Teaching Ends: 24 March 2019
Term 3 (Exam term): 23 April–14 June 2019

See SOAS Term Dates for the most up-to-date information available.

Entry Requirements 

More detailed information about our Academic Requirements and English Proficiency Requirements are found on the Entry Requirements page. 

Application Form and Instructions

Please use the Study Abroad/Exchange Application Form.  

The application is meant to be completed electronically, saved and then scanned and emailed. Applications will only be accepted via e-mail and should not be sent via post/international mail.   

Step 1 - Applicant/student completes 

The applicant/student should complete the sections in Step 1 and electronically sign the Student Declaration. 

Step 2 - Applicant/student collects necessary documents

The applicant/student should then collect the necessary documents in Step 2 including: One Academic Reference, Official Home Institution Transcript, and Proof of English Proficiency (if applicable) and submit all documents to his/her Home Institution (International/Erasmus/Exchange/Study Abroad Office) or Study Abroad Provider.

Step 3 - Home Institution/Study Abroad Provider completes 

The student/applicant's Home Institution's International/Erasmus/Exchange/Study Abroad Office or Study Abroad Provider will complete Step 3 and sign the Declaration.  

Step 4 - International/Erasmus/Exchange/Study Abroad Office submits to SOAS 

The Home Institution/Study Abroad Provider will gather all of the relevant documents, save all documents into one PDF per student. Please save the PDF as 'FAMILY NAME, first name' and e-mail one PDF per student to  

If saving as one PDF is not possible, please save this form as one pdf and gather supplemental documents into an additional PDF. Applications will not be accepted in hard copy. 

Once you receive your offer, please see Steps for New Students for further information.  

Application Deadlines

Students wishing to apply directly for the SOAS Study Abroad programme must ensure that their application reaches the School by the following dates:

September Start: Full year / Term 1: 30 June
January Start: Terms 2 & 3: 31 October

Please note that these are the deadlines for direct application only. If you are applying through a provider then please contact them for their application deadline dates.

Late applications are considered at the discretion of the Study Abroad Office; acceptance after the deadline is not guaranteed. 

Study Abroad Provider Information 

Alternatively you can apply through one of the providers below, all of which have offices in the US. If you are considering applying to SOAS through any of these organisations then please contact the following:

Arcadia University, Center for Education Abroad:

Kelly Sheaffer
Web: Arcadia University

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA):

Aimee Formo
Web:  IFSA-Butler

IES Abroad

Alice Kerby
Web: IES Abroad

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE):

Julie Pons