Department of Music

Charlotte Schuitenmaker

Key information

School of Arts PhD Research Student
Department of Music
BA, MA, rMA (University of Amsterdam)
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Thesis title
Sounding First Nations Storytelling in Sydney, Australia
Internal Supervisors
Professor Rachel Harris


Charlotte's current Ph.D. research project at SOAS is titled “Sounding First Nations Movements in Sydney, Australia”, for which she holds a Bloomsbury Colleges Ph.D. Studentship. 

Key themes in this project are urban community issues, Indigenous rights, space-making, soundscape projects, and environmentalism. 

As part of her research project, she set up the podcast “Movements & Sounds”, which received funding as part of the Santander Enterprise Seed Fund scheme. See more on Charlotte is also associate editor at SEM Student News, the postgraduate research student journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology. 

She obtained her BA and MA in (Ethno-)Musicology and rMA in Art Studies, at the University of Amsterdam. During these studies, she went on exchanges to Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Sydney, for which she was awarded the Horizon Scholarship.

Key publications

Schuitenmaker, Charlotte. 2022. “Rattling Those Cages: Reflections on Indigenous Voices in the Black Lives Matter Movement in Australia.” SEM Student News (17), 2, pp 1-5

Research interests

Charlotte’s research interests  are (Ethno)musicology, Indigenous studies, and Environmentalism



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