IWD 2023 Body Politics Panel Event | SOAS EDI Thought Leadership Series

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6:00 pm

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IWD 2023 – Body Politics Panel 

On Thursday 9 March, we will mark the International Women’s Day 2023. The third Thought Leadership event of the 2022/23 series will explore the ethics and implications of contemporary 'self-care'. The panel will discuss themes of body politics, community and individualism.

The talk will explore critical themes such as the effectiveness of consumerist ‘self-care’ in the eradication of community, body positivity/acceptance movements inclusive of trans and non-binary. Evaluating the key question: ‘How do we as individuals make the body a site of care and resistance’? 


  • Adwoa Darko (she/her) is the Inclusive Communities Manager within the Centre for Equity and Inclusion at London Metropolitan University and an alumnus of SOAS Law. Alongside her work in education, Adwoa is a freelance writer and host, with bylines in Glamour, Metro, The Independent and gal-dem. Her writing focuses on Black women’s issues, the politics of beauty and desirability, and the intersection of race, gender and fatphobia. She is currently studying for a Master's in International Higher Education Management at the University of Bath. 
  • Dr Sophie Chamas (they/she) is a Lecturer in Gender Studies at SOAS University. Their research sits at the intersection of feminist and queer political theory, Middle East Studies, political economy, and cultural studies. Sophie’s work is focused on the study of the life, death, and afterlife of the radical political imagination in the Middle East and its diaspora. Their research overall focuses on the consequences for activism and the political imagination of neoliberalism’s temporal effects. 
  • Jackson King (he/him) is a writer, editor and journalist. The founding editor of Irresistible Damage, a magazine for queer trans men/mascs, he also writes trans erotic fiction (TESTOSTEROTICA) and generally covers issues of race, queerness, gender, sex and anti-fatness in his work. 


This a public event and attendees are requested to register via Eventbrite. Please be advised of potential themes of sexism, racism, and transphobia. 

Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership series is designed to cultivate a learning and reflection community on the contemporary challenges around diversity and inclusion. Through the series we foreground the politics, action and research that underpins the need for EDI interventions.