Jainism Inside Out (22 April 2023)

Key information

10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Brunei Gallery, SOAS
Brunei Lecture Theatre

About this event

The Brunei Gallery, SOAS is delighted to host a series of events presented by The Centre for Jaina Studies, SOAS co-organised by the Jain community UK to accompany the exhibition Pure Soul: The Jaina Spiritual Traditions.

Entry is free both to the events and exhibition. Attendees are encouraged to visit the exhibition during the course of the day, which will be open between 10:30am to 5:00pm.

Event programme

Please book here: puresoulsoas | Instagram | Linktree.

  • 10:25am What Can the Vows Taken by Jain Ascetics Teach Us About Saving the Planet?
    Panel discussion by Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji (Jain Nun), in conversation with members of the Institute of Jainology (35 min)
  • 11:10am Spiritual Tools to Purify the Soul: A Jain Nun’s Guide*
    Interactive session and performance by Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji and Samani Punya Pragyaji (Jain Nuns) (50 min)
  • 12:10pm Ramayana Performance: The Jain Edition*
    Performance by Shree Digamber Jain Association London (30 min)
  • 2:00pm Dances of Devotion*
    Performance by Janaki Mehta, Kathak and Bharatnatyam Dancer (30 min)
  • 2:40pm Potatoes Have Rights Too: Why Vegetarianism Is Not Enough For a Jain
    Panel discussion: Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji (Jain nun), Jignasha Mehta (teacher of Jainism), Priyanka Shah (food blogger). Panel Chair: Sagar Kirit Shah (50 min)

  • 3:40pm Contemporary Bhakti - Devotional Prayers*
    Performance by Shree Digamber Jain Association London (25 min)
  • 4:15pm "The Kohinoor of Kathiawad' - The Life of Jain Revolutionary Kanji Swami*
    Performance by Shree Digamber Jain Association London (60 min)