My Beautiful Iranian Childhood

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10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Brunei Gallery
Brunei Gallery Exhibition Rooms
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This is the first exhibition in London by the Iranian artist, Parisa Aminolahi.

'My beautiful Iranian childhood', comprises a limited series of mixed media and photo collage on canvas. The inspiration for this collection is based on the disparity between the lifestyle of a typical middle class family in Tehran and the religious‐political atmosphere of Iran during the 1980s after the Islamic revolution. The works include the painter's family photographs pitched against imagery of the post revolution period ‐ including the prevalence of religious ceremonies and symbolism of the war. During the 8 years of the Iran‐Iraq war and the promotion of the new post revolution era, the majority of middle class Iranian families maintained concealed lifestyles with moments of joy in parallel to the ongoing war and a revolution. In contrast to the global perception of Iranians after the Islamic revolution, the painter's generation's childhood had some happy moments too.

Parisa obtained a BA degree in theatre stage design and a Masters degree in animation from the University of Art, Tehran before going on to work as a film and theatre set designer where she made an animation in Tehran. Subsequently arriving in the UK in 2006 to do a Masters degree in documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she made three documentaries. Now living in the Netherlands Parisa works as a freelance photographer and painter.

You can find further details of Parisa Aminolahi on her photoblog .