What does a world with less water mean for the Middle East?

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As the driest part of the planet, the Middle East never had much water to begin with. But a potent combination of climate shocks, rampant mismanagement, and increasing demand is pushing the region to the brink. Already, tens of millions of people have insufficient water. The ramifications of increasing thirst could be extreme. In this talk, Peter Schwartzstein will trade off years of environmental reporting across the Middle East to explore what a water crisis of this magnitude could mean for lives and livelihoods, while also delving into the potential implications for governance and regional stability.


About the speaker

Peter Schwartzstein is an environmental journalist and consultant, who works on water, food security, and conflict-climate issues across the Middle East, Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean. His writing mostly appears in National Geographic. He is also the journalist-in-residence at the Center for Climate and Security and a TED fellow.


This webinar will take place online via Zoom. 

* The webinar will also be live-streamed on our Facebook page for those that are unable to participate via Zoom.

Chair: Narguess Farzad (SOAS) and Dina Matar (SOAS)

Organiser: SOAS Middle East Institute

Contact email: smei@soas.ac.uk