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Negation, Prediction and Thought-ascription — A Study of Quasi-logical Terms in Mandarin Chinese


Lu XUE(Helen) received her BA with honours in teaching Chinese as a second language in Central China Normal University, China in 2015 and came to Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the MA in Chinese linguistics in the same year. She also worked as a TA on the course of Chinese reading and writing during her postgraduate studies. Her MA dissertation is about the newly emerging sentence final particles in Mandarin Chinese. After graduation with distinction in March 2017, she worked as a research assistant on the projects Tonal co-articulation in Nanjing Chinese and Mandarin Disyllabic Tone Production Evaluations and Phonetic Training on L2 Learners, respectively before starting her PhD in linguistics at SOAS in September 2017. Her current research focus is on the semantic properties and pragmatic functions of these quasi-logical terms “hai (还), you(又), ye(也), ke(可) and dao(倒)” in standard Mandarin.

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