BA Chinese students take home top prizes again at annual Chinese Bridge Competition

SOAS students have once again earned top prizes at the annual Chinese Bridge Competition, continuing a streak of success for SOAS participants. Jack Mosedale, coached by Lianyi Song, was awarded the Second Prize and Katy Ann Maplesden, coached by Zhaoxia Pang, received Third Prize. Both Jack and Katy are students in BA Chinese and will graduate this summer.

The event saw 12 contestants from 10 universities compete in three areas: oral presentation, knowledge about Chinese language and culture, and a talent show.

The annual competition, held on 27 June at UCL this year, has been recognised as the most challenging Chinese proficiency competition for University students globally. SOAS students have had an outstanding record of success in this competition since it started in 2002.

Senior Lector Zhaoxia Pang said, "I am really proud of their achievements because there was only a few weeks' time for them to do the preparations.

"Their success showcased the strength of the SOAS Chinese language programme and of the language teaching staff who are truly the stepping stones for the contestants to stand and shine on this stage.

BA Chinese student Jack Mosedale
BA Chinese student, Jack Mosedale