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Shih-Cheng Huang

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MA (National Central University); MA (University of Tsukuba)
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Alternative Documentary: Body Representation in the Japanese Photography, 1930s-1960s


Shih-cheng Huang is a PhD candidate in the Department of History of Art and Archaeology.

His thesis focuses on the examination of Japanese documentary photography between the 1930s and the 1960s. This research delves into the representation of the body within its sociocultural context and investigates the emergence of various pairs of concepts, including avant-garde and subculture, modernism and Americanisation, masculinity and femininity, and the Western and Eastern interactions.

This project is supported by funding from diverse sources, including MEXT, the Taiwan Government, Meiji Jingu, the Kajima Foundation for the Arts, the Nippon Foundation, and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation. Shih-cheng’s primary research interests encompass modern and contemporary Japanese art history, gender theory, and visual culture studies.

Research interests

Photography; Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art History; Eastern Modern Art; Gender Theory; Visual Culture Studies; Consumerism and Popular Culture; Post-Colonialism

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