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Professor William Gervase Clarence-Smith

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Professor of the Economic History of Asia and Africa Member Academic Staff, Centre of South East Asian Studies Food Studies Centre Advisory Committee Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre Centre for Iranian Studies Member Member Member
MA(Cantab) DIPPOL(Paris) PhD (London)
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Commodities; diasporas; religions; labour; sexuality and the senses

Previous PhD Students

Syed Muhd Aljunied Khairudin, 'The Aftermath Of The Maria Hertora Riots In Colonial Singapore (1950-1953)', 2008

Maureen De Silva, 'Javanese Indentured Labour In British North Borneo, 1914 - 1932', 2009

Chiara Formichi, 'Kartosuwiryo's Role In The Creation Of The Islamic State Of Indonesia (Negara Ismal Indonesia), 1927 - 1949', 2009

Natasha Pairaudeau, 'Indians as French Citizens in Colonial Cochinchina, 1858-1940', 2009

Vu Hong Lien Warder, 'Mongol Invasions In Southeast Asia And Their Impact On Relations Between Dainiet And Champa (1226-1326)', 2009

Jessica Dionne, 'Malaria Workers in Southern Mozambique: State Employees in the Transition from Late Colonialism to Independence', 2011

Wan Faizah Bt Wan Yusoff, 'Malay Responses To The Promotion Of Western Medicine, With Particular Reference To Women And Child Healthcare In The Federated Malay States,', 2011

Erich Trenton De Wald, 'Vietnamese tourism in late-colonial central Vietnam, 1917-1945', 2012

Sina Machander, 'Penang's Malays and the Shaping of Colonial Rule, 1800-1832', 2012

Research interests

History of tropical beverages, masticatories, livestock, and textiles; Middle Eastern diasporas; religion, slavery and sexual norms. Special reference to South East Asia.

PhD Supervision

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Emily Dawes 19th Century Protestant Missionary Perceptions of Chinese Islam


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