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Studying History at SOAS University of London

Facts and figures

in the UK for History (QS World University Rankings 2022) 


  • 96% satisfaction for teaching and 94% satisfaction overall (NSS 2016) from our undergraduates
  • 7th for staff-student ratio and ranked 14th overall in the UK (Guardian Good University Guide 2014), 11th in the UK for graduate prospects (Complete University Guide 2014)
  • Ranked 35th in the world in the 2018 QS World University Rankings
  • UK Applicant/Place Ratio 3:1
  • Number of Staff: 19 academic, 1 teaching and scholarship, 24 teaching and scholarship (fractional)


  • The only UK History department devoted to Africa, Asia and the Middle East;
  • A rich research environment
  • BA History and combined, MA History, MA Historical Research Methods, research degrees and summer courses
  • SOAS 6th in the UK, 26th in the world for Arts and Humanities (Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2013-14)

Alumni and student stories

  • "SOAS is more than a university, it is a lifestyle. Every moment I spent at SOAS was a memory and every memory at SOAS was unforgettable."

    Through my SOAS experience, I have realised that as long as I am eager to learn, I don’t have any limits.

  • "At SOAS, I have learnt how to read a variety of texts critically and analytically and then to write about them in engaging ways."

    I have chosen this University as my first choice because of valuable scholarly resources and well-known reputation of the highly qualified education. Its library is incomparable and literally attracting scholars from all around the globe.

  • "The passion of the staff and the students is almost palpable."

    Like a jigsaw puzzle, everyone has a place here at SOAS; fitting together to make this wonderful university wonderful.

  • "It’s important to remember that your time here is limited and that you should take advantage of all of the opportunities that this experience has to offer, whether it’s meeting new people, wandering the streets, visiting a museum, or travelling to new countries."

    The best advice I can give is to just dive into the experience without any hesitation. Going into my study abroad experience, I didn’t expect to travel to Morocco and have the opportunity to see Roman ruins or eat chip butties (chips on a bun with sauce), but I did.

  • "The teaching has been passionate and engaging with a level of expertise hard to find elsewhere."

    Studying history at SOAS has been an immersive experience unlike any other. The teaching has been passionate and engaging with a level of expertise hard to find elsewhere. It has encouraged us to constantly challenge the dominant narratives and developed our critical faculties. The student body is diverse and this adds to the discussions and perspectives in the classroom, enriching the learning environment.

  • "I came to study at SOAS because of its good reputation in Mandarin Chinese."

    If I were to describe SOAS in one sentence it would say that you will hear at least six different languages on the same day while you casually walk through the corridors of the university.

  • "Studying history at SOAS has been a life-changing experience."

    SOAS is unique but incredibly inclusive. Everyone fits in somewhere, and your perspective is valued by fellow students and lecturers, who are all eager to absorb what you have to say.

  • "The unparalleled opportunity to focus on the history of certain world regions instantly made SOAS my first university choice."

    SOAS's history department also attracted me because of their continued recognition for staff-student ratio and the high quality research that is carried out in the department.

  • "The academics teaching my history course have been fantastic."

    One of the biggest privileges I have found studying in the UK is the freedom to research the topics I choose; a situation, which is not always a guaranteed right in other countries.

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