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Djonya Kélé ja Toulon: Gaming against slavery


The Djonya Kélé ja Toulon project aims to contribute to the fight against descent-based slavery in Mali through the creation of a video game for mobiles that will raise awareness of the consequences of this phenomenon.

Financed by UKRI through its Art and Humanities fund, this research-action project brings together 20 young people from the villages of Kayes (Monzona, Banzana, Mambiri, Bouillagui and Bougarila) and Segou (Diombougouba, Souleye, Founou, Monimpébougou and Boky wèrè) in Mali.

Supervised by the associations Donkosira and V4T, the villagers have been trained in qualitative research, collected the history of their localities and participated in the creation of the game scenario and its development.

This research action programme is accompanied by outreach and awareness-raising activities carried out by the Malian NGOs Donkosira and V4T in Mali and beyond in order to tackle discrimination and fight against descent-based slavery.

Research actions

  • Training of the young villagers in qualitative research about slavery in Mali
  • Workshops to train and support the villagers in writing the game scenario and in developing the video game (game jam)
  • Campaigns to raise awareness and fight discrimination through gaming

Featured image: Copyright Nicolas Réméné