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Dr Fabio Gygi
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Fabio Gygi

Japanese society, material culture, medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural history

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  • Room: 562
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 16.00-18.00/By Email Appointment

British Association for Japanese Studies

Ms Mara Patessio
BAJS Executive Secretary, Japan Research Centre
Staff Silhouette
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  • Room: B405
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Professor Costas Lapavitsas
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Costas Lapavitsas
Theory of banking and finance; history of economic thought; the Japanese financial system. Teaching interests include banking and finance, the Japanese economy, history of economic thought.
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  • Room: 269
  • Academic Support Hours: Mondays 14:00 to 16:00
Professor Machiko Nissanke
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Machiko Nissanke
North-South Economic relations, adjustment and development, finance and development, international trade and finance, and comparative economics policy studies in Asia and Africa. Teaching interests include open economy macroeconomics, international trade and finance and financial economics. Africa and Asia.

Dr Satoshi Miyamura
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Satoshi Miyamura
Regions: South & East Asia. Countries: India, Japan. Subjects: Development economics, Labour economics, Institutional economics, Labour-management bargaining; Research methods in economics.
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  • Room: 275
  • Academic Support Hours: On leave during Term 2
Dr Ulrich Volz
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Ulrich Volz

International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Financial Market Development and Stability, Development and Transition Economics, Global Economic Governance, East Asian Financial Markets

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  • Room: 285
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Finance & Management

Ms Yoshiko Jones
Yoshiko Jones

Ms Jones is a Teaching Fellow within the Department of Financial and Management Studies and Department of the Languages and Cultures of Japan and Korea.

She also coordinates The Sir Peter Parker Awards for Spoken Business Japanese and Japanese Language Proficiency Test at SOAS Language Centre.

Dr Helen Macnaughtan
Chair, Japan Research Centre / Co-Editor, Japan Forum, the official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS)
Helen Macnaughton
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  • Room: 546
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesday 1-3

Dr Yoshikatsu Shinozawa
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Yoshkatsu Shinozawa

Dr Shinozawa's research interests lie in asset management firms and their products. Recently he has developed a special interest in the areas of corporate governance, and the banking industry in Japan.

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  • Room: 556
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesday 2-4


Dr Angus Lockyer
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Angus Lockyer
Modernisation and modernity in Japan; world’s fairs, international and industrial exhibitions
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  • Room: 318
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History of Art & Archaeology

Dr Meri Arichi
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Meri Arichi

History of Japanese Art, Buddhist Art of Japan in context

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  • Room: B302
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm
Professor Timon Screech
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Timon Screech
History of Japanese art; Edo painting; contacts between Japan and Europe in the 18th century; history of science in Japan; the theory of art history
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  • Room: B408
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesdays 2-3 (14:00-15:00)

Languages & Cultures of Japan

Dr Alan Cummings
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Alan Cummings
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  • Room: 391
  • Academic Support Hours: Term 1: Tuesday 1-3pm | Term 2: Tuesday 1-3pm
Professor Stephen Dodd
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Co-Editor of Japan Forum
Steve Dodd
Modern Japanese literature, with particular interest in gender/sexuality, Modernism and translation studies
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  • Room: 381
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm (Term 2 only)
  • On Sabbatical:2018-2019 (Term 1)

Dr Akiko Furukawa
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Akiko Furukawa
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  • Room: 383
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm/Thursdays 4-5pm

Professor Andrew Gerstle
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Drew Gerstle
Japanese literature, drama and thought, primarily of the Tokugawa period, with particular interest in Bunraku and Kabuki theatre and the plays of Chikamatsu
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  • Room: 390
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 1-2pm / Email for an appointment
Dr Seiko Harumi
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Seiko Harumi
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  • Room: 367
  • Academic Support Hours: Mondays 3-4pm/Wednesdays 3-5pm

Dr Griseldis Kirsch
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Griseldis Kirsch

Contemporary Japanese culture, with particular interest in Japanese media and popular culture, representations of 'Otherness', social phenomena and war memory.

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  • Room: 377
  • Academic Support Hours: Thursdays 12noon-1pm & Fridays 11am-12noon
Dr Barbara Pizziconi
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Barbara Pizziconi
Japanese applied linguistics; language teaching methodology; second language acquisition with emphasis on pragmatic aspects; linguistic politeness
  • Tel: +44(0) 20 7898 4225
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  • Room: 362
  • Academic Support Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm

Dr Hitoshi Shiraki
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Hitoshi Shiraki
  • Tel: +44(0) 20 7898 4756
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  • Room: 378
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm/ Fridays 4-5pm
Dr Satona Suzuki
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Satona Suzuki
  • Tel: +44(0) 20 7898 4648
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  • Room: 390
  • Academic Support Hours: Monday 14:00-15:00; Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Library & Information Services


Dr Nana Sato-Rossberg
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Nano Sato-Rossberg

History of Translation Studies in Japan, Intergeneric translations (manga to film), Translation of oral narratives or orality, Cultural translation, The relationship between translation and power.

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  • Room: 380
  • Academic Support Hours: Monday 13:00-14:50

Politics & International Studies

Dr Kristin Surak
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Kristin Surak

International migration, political sociology, nationalism, culture, state and society in Japan, qualitative methods.

Study of Religions

Dr Lucia Dolce
Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre
Lucia Dolce
Japanese religious history, especially the medieval period; Japanese Tantric Buddhism and the esotericisation of religious practice; Millenarian writings and prophecy; Kami-Buddhas associations
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  • Room: 342
  • Academic Support Hours: Thursdays 3:00-4:00

Fulbright Fellow

Senior Fellow

Professorial Research Associates

Professor Gina Barnes
Professorial Research Associate
Gina Barnes

State formation; agricultural transition; urbanisation; landscape archaeology; geoarchaeology, tectonic archaeology; East Asian archaeology especially Japanese archaeology and prehistory/protohistory

Professor Peter Kornicki
Professorial Research Associate
Peter Kornicki

Cultural history of Japan before 1900, with special interests on the history of the book in East Asia (Korea and Vietnam as well as Japan), women's education and literacy, and the history of medicine and of cartography.

Professor Evgeny Steiner
Professorial Research Associate
Evgeny Steiner

Muromachi epoch arts (especially Ikkyu and his circle); Ukiyo-e prints; history of Western collections of Japanese arts.

Research Associates

Dr David W Hughes
Research Associate
David Hughes
Ethnomusicology; music of East Asia especially Japan; Japanese folk and theatre music; music and linguistics; Indonesian gamelan and Javanese street music

Dr Sarah Teasley
Research Associate
Sarah Teasley
History of design and built space in modern Japan, with an emphasis on media, technology and institutional formation; design and architectural theory; gender and design; the history of new materials research and application

Dr Ellis Tinios
Research Associate
The illustrated woodblock-printed book in the Edo period; representing China in Edo-period books and prints; the actor prints of Kunisada

Visiting Scholars

Professor Makoto Goi
Visiting Scholar
Staff Silhouette

Research Area: Researching novels, travel reports, travel guidebooks, and other resources about representation of Japan written in English in Meiji period especially around 1900

Date of Appointment: April 2019 - March 2020

Professor Yoshie Onishi
Visiting Scholar
Yoshie Onishi

Research Area: Social Policy for Inclusion in the Society; Minorities in Japan; Comparative Study of People Excluded from Society in UK and Japan

Date of Appointment: September 2018 - August 2019

Professor Mikihiro Tanaka
Visiting Scholar
Mikihiro Tanaka

Research Area: Modern history of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the machinery industry in Japan; Present status analysis of Japanese industry accumulation and local companies

Date of Appointment: April 2019 - March 2020