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SOAS-Yale research and evidence programme for Nepal’s transition

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  • 2019–2024


The SOAS-Yale Nepal research and evidence programme is a three-way collaboration between SOAS and Yale (with each getting £2 million) and the Department for International Development (DFID) dispensing a further £1 million.

The unique feature of this programme is that SOAS and Yale researchers work directly with a DFID country office to test assumptions underpinning DFID policy to suggest improvements supporting inclusive growth and inclusive politics in a post-conflict context. We work with Nepali partner organizations (PEI and GovLab) who provide field researchers and organise data collection and collaborate with us on analysis.

This programme is particularly innovative because for the first time DFID is directly participating in academic research, and a DFID senior advisor is located at SOAS working with our researchers on the programme. We hope to create a new model of embedded research with DFID that has a high impact on policy.