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Ms Soojin Hyun

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Soojin Hyun
Centre of Korean Studies

Visiting Scholar, Centre of Korean Studies

Ms Soojin Hyun
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Soojin Hyun is a PhD student (all but dissertation) in the Department of History at Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea, where she completed my BA and MA. She has published more than five papers in authorized journals in Korea, such as the Journal of Korean Medieval History. She has received scholarships and funding both from her home university and the government for a few years. She would like to learn more about Confucian studies and its perception in East Asia for a year research (Sep 2021 – Aug 2022) at SOAS as a Visiting Scholar.


Soojin Hyun's research interests focus on the intellectual history of the East Asian medieval period (10th–15th century). She is particularly interested in Confucian thought and how it was used in actual political situations during the medieval period in Korea.