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Professor Jonathan Goodhand

BA, PGCE (Birmingham); MSc, PhD (Manchester)
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Jonathan Goodhand
Department of Development Studies

Professor in Conflict and Development Studies

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Professor Jonathan Goodhand
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Jonathan Goodhand studied at the Universities of Birmingham and Manchester, with qualifications in education as well as development -BA PGCE(Birmingham) MSc (Manchester) and PhD (Manchester). He worked for some years managing humanitarian and development programmes in conflict situations in Afghanistan/Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and has extensive experience as a researcher and advisor in South and Central Asia for a range of NGOs and aid agencies, including DFID, SDC, ILO and UNDP. His research interests include the political economy of aid and conflict, NGOs and peacebuilding and ‘post conflict’ reconstruction.

Inaugural Lecture

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Professor Jonathan Goodhand Inaugural Lecture: Straddling the Line: Brokerage, drugs and conflict in the Afghan borderlands


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Jacob Berah, The Role of UN Special Political Missions in Conflict
  • Kaweh Kerami, Democratisation in the midst of war: Elections and Electoral politics in Afghanistan
  • Sarajuddin Isar, Taxation and state-building in Afghanistan, a political economy framework
  • Xu Peng, Rebel governance in Myanmar: the comparison study between Wa and Kokang (working title)


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  • Central Asia
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  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka


Authored Books

Spencer, J and Goodhand, J and Hasbullah, H and Klem, B and Korf, B and de Silva, T (2014) Checkpoint, Temple, Church and Mosque: A Collaborative Ethnography of War and Peace in Eastern Sri Lanka. London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Goodhand, Jonathan (2006) Aiding Peace? The Role of NGOs in Armed Conflict. Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Pugh, Michael and Cooper, Neil and Goodhand, Jonathan (2004) War Economies in a Regional Context. Challenges for Transformation. London: Lynne Rienner.


Goodhand, Jonathan and Meehan, Patrick and Bhatia, Jasmine and Ghiabi, Maziyar and Gutierrez Sanin, Francisco (2021) 'Critical policy frontiers: The drugs-development-peacebuilding trilemma'. International Journal of Drug Policy, (89) 103115.

Dan, Seng Lawn and Maran, Ja Htoi Pan and Sadan, Mandy and Meehan, Patrick and Goodhand, Jonathan (2021) 'The Pat Jasan drug eradication social movement in Northern Myanmar. Part one: Origins & reactions'. International Journal of Drug Policy, (89) 103181.

Meehan, Patrick and Goodhand, Jonathan (2018) 'Spatialising Political Settlements'. Accord, (4), pp 14-19.

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Goodhand, Jonathan (2002) 'Aiding Violence or Building Peace? The Role of International Aid in Afghanistan'. Third World Quarterly, (23) 5, pp 837-59.

Edited Books or Journals

Goodhand, Jonathan and Sedra, M, (eds.), (2015) The Afghan Conundrum: Intervention, Statebuilding and Resistance. London: Routldege. (Third Worlds).

Goodhand, Jonathan and Spencer, Jonathan and Korf, Benedikt, (eds.), (2011) Conflict and peacebuilding in Sri Lanka: caught in the peace trap?. London: Routledge. (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series).

Book Chapters

Goodhand, Jonathan (2018) 'Getting the politics right: beyond ‘good governance’ in Afghanistan'. In: Bose, Srinjoy and Motwani, Nishank and Maley, William, (eds.), Afghanistan - Challenges and Prospects. Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Goodhand, Jonathan and Klem, Bart and Sorbo, Gunnar (2013) 'Battlefields of Method. Evaluating Norwegian peace efforts in Sri Lanka'. In: Andersen, Ole Winckler and Bull, Beate and Kennedy-Chouane, Megan, (eds.), Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict. London: Routledge, pp 61-84.

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Goodhand, Jonathan (2002) 'From holy war to opuim war?: A case study of the opium economy in North Eastern Afghanistan'. In: Noelle-Karimi, C and Schetter, C and Schlagintweit,, R, (eds.), Afghanistan - A country without a state?. IKO-Verlag (Germany), pp 139-160.

Monographs and Working Papers

Goodhand, Jonathan and Meehan, Patrick and Thomson, Frances and Ghiabi, Maziyar and Ball, Louise (2020) Voices from the borderlands 2020: Illicit drugs, development and peacebuilding. London: Drugs and (Dis)Order.

Cheng, Christine and Goodhand, Jonathan and Meehan, Patrick (2018) Synthesis Paper: Securing and Sustaining Elite Bargains that Reduce Violent Conflict. London: UK Government Stabilisation Unit.

Goodhand, Jonathan and Meehan, Patrick and Perez-Nino, Helena (2014) Drugs, (dis)order and agrarian change: the political economy of drugs and its relevance to international drug policy. NOREF Occasional Publication.

Conference Items

Goodhand, Jonathan (2005) 'Post Tsunami Asia: Early Warning, Relief, Reconstruction & Peace Process' - The Tsunami Asia & the Sri Lankan Peace Process'.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Goodhand, Jonathan and Meehan, Patrick (2021) Drugs ‘trilemma’: how to halt the deadly trade while still ensuring development and peace.


Goodhand, Jonathan and Vaux, T and Walker, R (2002) 'Conducting Conflict Assessments: Guidance Notes'.


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