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Mushtaq Khan
Department of Economics

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Industrial Development and Policy

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Professor Mushtaq Khan
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Professor Mushtaq Khan is a Professor of Economics at SOAS University of London, and Executive Director of the DFID-funded Anti-Corruption Evidence Research Consortium. He is a leading thinker on anti-corruption, governance, economic development and political settlements, with research interests that include industrial policy, institutional economics, political economy, the economics of rent seeking corruption and patron-client networks, late industrialisation and the state, governance reforms and the economic development of South Asia in comparative perspective.  At SOAS Mushtaq has led multidisciplinary and multi-country research teams in the past including UK aid's three-year Governance and Growth Research Programme 2007-2010, conducting research in Bangladesh, Tanzania, India and Thailand on political settlements, technology policy, and the evolution of property rights. He was also joint leader of a research programme on governance and growth for the Agence Francaise Développement, AFD (2010-13).  This covered research on seven countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and involvement the coordination of activities across more that a dozen researchers. He has led a six-year Ford Foundation multi-country research programme (2008-14) on governance and growth covering India, Bangladesh and Thailand. Research management experience includes a four-year stint as Associated Dean for Research at SOAS 2002-2005. Mushtaq has been a member of the United Nation Committee of Experts on Public Administration (2009-17) and the World Bank's Panel of Experts on Policy Implementation (2012-16). He also served on task forces on Africa and Industrial Policy set up by Professor Joseph Stiglitz under the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University. He has been Visiting Professor at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and at Dhaka University, Bangladesh.  He has spoken widely on anti-corruption, feasible governance reforms, industrial policy, political settlements and economic development, and is regularly invited to deliver keynote speeches at events such as the African Development Bank's African Economic Conference and the Commonwealth Ministerial Forum on Public Administration. He has given evidence to the UK House of Commons on several occasions including on aid to Palestine and on anti-corruption and its regularly invited to high level meetings with UK government ministers and officials to provide inputs in policy discussions. His work is published and cited globally and has won a number of prizes including his article in the journal Democratization, which received the annual Frank Cass Prize for the article that 'most advances our knowledge and understanding of democratization'. Mushtaq studied at Oxford and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where he spent six years as Assistant Director of Development Studies, Development Studies Committee and Department of Land Economy.  He joined SOAS in 1996.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Charlotte Hübner , “The Role of the Oil & Gas Sector in Late Industrialisation: Lessons from Malaysia” (Working Title)
  • Fernandes Wanda, Capitalist Transformation in Transition: Exploring business political elite linkage in post-war Angola (working title)
  • HuangNan Shen , The Dynamics Of Reforms Of Large State-Owned Enterprises In China-A Theoretical And Political Economy Analysis
  • Parvina Yusulbekova, Entrepreneurship and catching up development in Tajikistan: the institutional perspective (working title)
  • Sebastian Heinen, Distinct Industrial Policy in an Adverse-Context State: Coffee, Construction and Tourism in Rwanda
  • Sofia Torreggiani, Development Dynamics in Emerging Countries under Shifting Global Production and Trade Patterns: Evidence from South Africa (working title)


Institutional economics, the economics of rent-seeking, corruption and clientelism, industrial policy and state intervention in developing countries. South and South-East Asian economic development. Particular interests in the Indian subcontinent. Teaching interests include microeconomics, the political economy of institutions and South Asian economic development.


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Conference Items

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