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Dr Subir Sinha

BA (Delhi); MA, PhD (Northwestern)
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Subir Sinha
Department of Development Studies

Reader in the Theory and Politics of Development

SOAS Food Studies Centre

Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre

SOAS South Asia Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS South Asia Institute

Agrarian Change and Development

Research Cluster Member

Labour, Movements and Development

Research Cluster Member

Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


Dr Subir Sinha
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+44(0) 20 7898 4495
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Mondays 11am - 1pm


He studied History at the University of Delhi (BA) and Political Science at Northwestern University (MS, PhD), and has taught at Northwestern University and the University of Vermont. His research interests are institutional change, sustainable development, social movements, state-society relations in development, and South Asian politics, with a current focus on decentralised development in India, early postcolonial planning, and on the global fishworkers' movement.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Aruna Pandey, Institutional Models to Resolve Conflicts over Natural Resource Governance: Role of Community Enterprises and Solidarity Economy
  • Christian Sowa, The Accommodation of Migrants in Berlin: Exploring the City and Urban Transformations (Working Title)
  • Guanchen Lai , Speaking from the village: modes of writing about the village in contemporary Hindi fiction
  • Hashim Rashid, The Agrarian Question in West Punjab since 1885: The Politics of the Formation of a New Peasantry
  • Manish Maskara, Identity of Bihari migrant labour in India's cities
  • Philip Hadley,
  • Sruthi Herbert,
  • Vidya Venkat, India‚Äôs Democratic Revolution: The Right to Information and the Anti-Corruption Discourse


Institutions; international institutions; social movements; sustainable development; NGOs; South Asian Politics; development interventions.


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Sinha, Subir (2017) 'Fragile Hegemony: Modi, Social Media and Competitive Electoral Populism in India'. International Journal of Communication, (11) 2017, pp 4158-4180.

Sinha, Subir (2016) 'Histories of Power’ and the ‘Universalisation of Capital’ in India: Between and Beyond Marxism and Postcolonial Theory'. Critical Sociology, (43) 4-5, pp 529-544.

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Sinha, Subir (2000) 'The other agrarian transition? Structures, institutions and agency in sustainable rural development'. Journal of Peasant Studies, (26 no2), pp 65-99.

Book Chapters

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Sinha, Subir (2016) 'Structures and Subjectives'. In: Chandra, U. and Taghioff, D., (eds.), Staking Claims: The Politics of Social Movements in Contemporary Rural India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp 225-234.

Sinha, Subir (2015) 'On the Edge of Civil Society in Contemporary India'. In: Gunvald Nilsen, Alf and Roy, Srila, (eds.), New Subaltern Politics: Reconceptualizing Hegemony and Resistance in Contemporary India. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 225-254.

Sinha, Subir and Baviskar, A. and Philip, K. (2006) 'Rethinking Indian Environmentalism. Industrial Pollution in Delhi and Fisheries in Kerala'. In: Bauer, J., (ed.), Forging Environmentalism. Justice, Livelihood, and Contested Environments.. Hoboken, NJ: Routledge, pp 189-256.

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Sinha, Subir (2003) 'Breaking the Waves. Reading World Bank and Social Movement Documents on the Global Fisheries'. In: Kumar, Amitava, (ed.), World Bank Literature. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp 111-127.


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Sinha, Subir (2000) 'Panchayati Raj Institutions and Natural Resource Management'.


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