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Dr Marie Rodet

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Marie Rodet
Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Senior Lecturer in the History of Africa

Centre for Global Media and Communications

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Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


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Resilience in West African Frontier Communities

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Dr Marie Rodet
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My principal research interests lie in the field of modern gender and migration history in francophone West Africa. My current research offers a historical overview of emancipation strategies in the context of the end of slavery in Africa. I analyse how slave resistance, rebellions and mobility disrupted supposedly fixed relations of gender and power hierarchies leading to complex renegotiations for kinship, marriage, religious practices and, more generally, for notions of belonging in Mali and Senegal.



Gender History; History of Slavery and Emancipation; Migration History; Legal History.


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Authored Books

Rodet, Marie (2009) Les migrantes ignorées du Haut-Sénégal, 1900-1946. Paris: Karthala.


Rodet, Marie and County, Brandon (2018) 'Old homes and new homelands: imagining the nation and remembering expulsion in the wake of the Mali Federation’s collapse'. Africa: Journal of the International Africa Institute, (88) 3, pp 469-491.

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Rodet, Marie (2015) 'Historical Perspectives on Marriage, Migration, and Family Networks in the Region of Kayes, Mali'. Revue Europeenne des Migrations Internationales, (31) 1, pp 39-55.

Rodet, Marie (2015) 'Escaping Slavery and Building Diasporic Communities in French Soudan and Senegal, ca. 1880–1940'. International Journal of African Historical Studies, (48) 2, pp 363-386.

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Rodet, Marie (2009) '‘Le délit d’abandon de domicile conjugal’ ou l’invasion du pénal colonial dans les jugements des ‘tribunaux indigènes’ au Soudan Français (1900-1945)'. French Colonial History, pp 149-167.

Rodet, Marie (2009) 'Administration et villes coloniales: refuges pour les femmes? Kayes, Soudan français, (1900-1920)'. Revue Sextant, 25: Colonialismes, pp 13-27.

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Rodet, Marie (2004) 'Frauen im Spannungsfeld des "Droit colonial" in Afrique Occidentale Française. Zwei Fallbeispiele aus der Region Kayes, Soudan Français (1918 und 1938)'. Stichproben, (7), pp 89-105.

Edited Books or Journals

Rodet, Marie and Declich, Francesca, (eds.), (2018) Migration memories and diasporic practices. Africa, Journal of the International Africa Institute.

Becker, Felicitas and Cabrita, Joel and Rodet, Marie, (eds.), (2018) Religion, Media, and Marginality in Modern Africa. Athens, USA: Ohio University Press.

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Book Chapters

Rodet, Marie and County, Brandon (2018) 'Genre, génération et contrôle de la circulation des personnes entre le Mali et le Sénégal à l’heure de Modibo Keita (1959-1968)'. In: Gomez-Perez, Muriel, (ed.), Femmes d'Afrique et émancipation. Entre normes sociales contraignantes et nouveaux possible. Paris: Karthala, pp 343-369.

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Rodet, Marie and Tiquet, Romain (2018) 'Reforming State Violence in French West Africa: Relegation in the Epoch of Decolonization'. In: Carpenter, Nathan Riley and Lawrance, Benjamin N, (eds.), Africans in Exile: Mobility, Law, and Identity. Indiana University Press, pp 118-144.

Rodet, Marie (2017) 'Gender and the End of Slavery in the Region of Kayes, French Soudan: The Sams’ Court Cases (1925-1926)'. African Slaves, African Masters: Politics, Memories, Social Life. Trenton: African World Press, pp 59-80.

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Rodet, Marie (2014) 'Le Sous-Lieutenant Mansouka (c.1860-1920) : Un parcours d’esclave affranchi entre rébellion et allégeance au temps de la conquête coloniale française en Afrique.'. Résistances et mémoires des esclavages. Espaces arabo-musulmans et transatlantiques. Paris: Karthala.

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Rodet, Marie (2013) 'Gender, Migration, and the End of Slavery in the Region of Kayes, French Soudan'. In: Bellagamba, Alice and Greene, Sandra E. and Klein, Martin A., (eds.), African Voices on Slavery and the Slave Trade. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 319-329.

Rodet, Marie (2012) '"Under the Guise of Guardianship and Marriage": Mobilizing Juvenile and Female labor in the Aftermath of Slavery in Kayes, French Soudan, 1900-1939'. In: Roberts, Richard L. and Lawrance, Benjamin N., (eds.), Trafficking in Slavery's Wake: Law and the Experience of Women and Children in Africa. Athens: Ohio University Press.

Rodet, Marie (2010) 'Continuum of Gendered Violence: The Colonial Invention of Female Desertion as a Customary Criminal Offense, French Soudan, 1900-1949'. In: Burrill, Emily and Roberts, Richard and Thornburry, Elizabeth, (eds.), Domestic violence and the law in colonial and postcolonial Africa. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, pp 74-93.

Rodet, Marie (2010) '‘Le Commandant a refusé catégoriquement de me redonner mes femmes’. Genre, émancipation des esclaves et migration au Soudan français (1900-1914)'. In: Cottias, Myriam and Cunin, Elisabeth and de Almeida Mendes, Antonio, (eds.), Les traites et les esclavages: perspectives historiques et contemporaines. Paris: Karthala, pp 235-247.

Rodet, Marie (2008) 'Missing Migrants: The Absence of Women in the History of Rural-Rural Migrations from French Sudan to Senegambia (1900-1932)'. In: Zack-Williams, Alfred B. and Udogu, Emmanuel I., (eds.), African Mosaic: Political, Social, Economic and Information Technologies Issues in the New Millennium. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp 152-166.

Rodet, Marie (2008) 'Réglementation et contrôle de la circulation des personnes en Afrique occidentale française (1900- 1945): les femmes seraient-elles passées entre les mailles du filet?'. In: Green, Nancy L. and Poinsot, Marie, (eds.), Histoire de l’immigration et question coloniale en France. Paris: La Documentation française, pp 233-238.

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Rodet, Marie (2007) 'Disrupting Masculinist Discourse on African Migration: The Study of Neglected Forms of Female Migration'. In: Baker, Charlotte and Norridge, Zoë, (eds.), Crossing Places: New Research in African Studies. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp 28-38.

Book Reviews

Rodet, Marie (2010) 'Review of Aili Mari Tripp, Isabel Casimiro, Joy Kwesiga and Alice Mungwa eds, 'African Women’s Movements. Changing Political Landscapes''. Revue Française de Sciences Politiques, (60) 3.

Rodet, Marie (2007) 'Review of Benjamin N. Lawrance, Emily Lynn Osborn and Richard L. Roberts eds, 'Intermediaries, Interpreters, and Clerks. African Employees in the Making of Colonial Africa''. Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines 187-188.

Rodet, Marie (2007) 'Review of Bernard Durand and Martine Fabre, eds. (2005) 'Le Juge et l’Outre-mer. Vol. 1: Phinée le devin ou les leçons du passé''. Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines 187-188.


Rodet, Marie (2014) 'The Diambourou: Slavery and Emancipation in Kayes - Mali'.


Rodet, Marie (2016) 'Slavery: West Africa'.

Rodet, Marie (2014) 'Beyond the Postcolonial: Video Art from Africa'.


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