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Professor Ashley Thompson

BA, Harvard; MA, Université de Paris 3; PhD, Université de Paris 8
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Ashley Thompson
Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

Hiram W. Woodward Chair in Southeast Asian Art

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Professor Ashley Thompson
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Ashley Thompson a specialist in Southeast Asian Cultural Histories, with particular expertise on Cambodia. A sustained focus on classical and pre-modern arts and literatures is complemented by more punctual work on the contemporary period. Her research is informed by deconstruction and psychoanalysis, and revolves around questions of memory, political and cultural transition, sexual difference and subjectivity, particularly as revealed, or not, by language and textuality in the broadest sense. Post-colonial critical perspectives have also played a role in more recent work. Objects of analysis include Hindu and Buddhist sculpture, cult or ritual practices and texts, as well as other forms of fine and performing arts. Before taking up academic work in the West (France, the US, the UK), she spent ten years in Thailand and Cambodia working in post-war reconstruction in the fields of education, art, archaeology and cultural heritage research and management.

Listen to Professor Ashley Thompson introducing her book, Engendering the Buddhist State: Territory, Sovereignty and Sexual Difference in the Inventions of Angkor, on the New Books Network podcast.

Inaugural Lecture

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Prof. Ashley Thompson - Double Realities: The Complex Lives of Ancient Khmer Statuary


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alexx Salazar, Embodying Neang Seda and Preah Ream: Balancing Dominant Global and Local Discourses on Gender and Heritage in Contemporary Cambodian Shadow Puppet Theatre (Lakhon Sbaek Thom)
  • Aruna Gamage, Buddhaghosa’s Critique of Divergent Buddhist Views: A Doctrinal Study Mainly Based on Pāli Commentarial Exegesis
  • Kulamitra David Zukas, Revealing the Religious Landscape at Bhaja, Bedsa and Karle, Buddhist Rock-cut Monasteries
  • Mariana Zegianini , The Unbounded Self: Subject, Site and Temporality in Seventeenth-Century Portraiture
  • Sonetra Seng, Beyond the Masterpiece: Function and Design of Divine Adornment in Angkorian Cambodia (9th-14th c.).
  • Udomluck Hoontrakul, The Development of Political Economy and Social Formation of the Marginal Polities on the Salween River Basin, Northwestern Thailand During the first millennium CE to the mid-second millennium CE
  • Vera Mey, Signs of a region: in search of the aesthetic imagination of Southeast Asia after 1948 (working title)
Current PhD Sudents
  • Udomluck Hoontrakul, The development of marginal polities on the Salween river valley, Northwestern Thailand during the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries
  • Vera Mey, Ways of seeing SEA: the aesthetic imaginary of ‘Southeast Asia’
  • Duyen Nguyen, Collecting and Curating Cham Art in Vietnam: from 1975 to the present
  • Ben Wreyford, Seeing the ‘foreigner’ in the art of early Southeast Asia c.100 BCE – c.800 CE
Current MPhil Student
  • Deidre Parker, Tracing Buddhism in the British Museum: Biographies of Buddhist Objects acquired by the British Museum in the 19th - 20th c.


Authored Books

Thompson, Ashley (2016) Engendering the Buddhist State: Territory, Sovereignty and Sexual Difference in the Inventions of Angkor. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge.

Thompson, Ashley (2005) Calling the Souls: A Khmer Ritual Text. Phnom Penh: Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture.

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Chouléan, Ang and Thompson, Ashley and Prenowitz, Eric (1995) Angkor, a Manual for the Past, Present, and the Future. Phnom Penh: ASPARA.


Thompson, Ashley (2013) 'Forgetting to Remember, Again: on Curatorial Practice and “Cambodian” Art in the Wake of Genocide'. Diacritics, (41) 2, pp 82-109.

Thompson, Ashley (2012) 'Il n’y a pas de hors-texte’: à propos du Language of the Gods in the World of Men'. Péninsule, (65), pp 245-258.

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Thompson, Ashley (1993) 'Oh Cambodia! Poems from the Border'. New Literary History, (24) 3, pp 519 -544.

Edited Books or Journals

Thompson, Ashley and Corey, Pamela, (eds.), (2014) 'On Modern and Contemporary Cambodian Art and Aesthetics' special issue of Udaya, Journal of Khmer Studies. Norfolk, CT: Friends of Khmer Culture (FOKCI).

Thompson, Ashley, (ed.), (2012) Beyond the Mother Tongue: Special issue of Parallax - Volume 18, Number 3. London: Taylor and Francis.

Book Chapters

Thompson, Ashley (2017) 'Hiding the female sex: a sustained cultural dialogue between India and Southeast Asia'. In: Dallapiccola, A. and Verghese, A., (eds.), Cultural Dialogues between India and Southeast Asia from the 7th and the 16th century. Mumbai: K. R. Cama Institute.

Thompson, Ashley (2017) 'Portrait of the Artist as a Buddhist Man'. In: Collins, Steven and Scober, Juliane, (eds.), Theravada Encounters with Modernity. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge, pp 118-136.

Thompson, Ashley (2017) 'Emergencies: the Auto-Ethnographic Impulse in Contemporary Cambodian Art'. In: Wee, Low Sze and Flores, Patrick D., (eds.), Charting Thoughts: Essays on Art in Southeast Asia. Singapore: National Gallery of Singapore, pp 292-303.

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Conference Items

Thompson, Ashley (2001) 'An Oblique View of the Bayon.' In: Fifth International Symposium on the Preservation of Bayon, 2000, Phnom Penh.

Thompson, Ashley (2000) 'Lost and Found: the stupa, the four-faced Buddha and the seat of royal power in Middle Cambodia' In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, 1998, Berlin.

Book Reviews

Thompson, Ashley (2007) 'Review of Cambodian Buddhism: History and Practice by Ian Harris, University of Hawaii Press, 2005.'. Buddhist Studies Review, (24) 2, pp 250-256.

Thompson, Ashley (2006) 'Review of Art & Architecture of Cambodia by Helen Ibbitson Jessup, Thames and Hudson (World of Art Series), London. 2004.'. Orientations, (37) 3, pp 88-88.

Thompson, Ashley (2003) 'Review of The Journey of One Buddhist Nun by Sid Brown, Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001.'. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, (34) 1, pp 185-189.


Thompson, Ashley (2011) 'Hélène Cixous’ The Terrible but Unfinished Story of Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia Cambodia. [Historical and Linguistic Director of Khmer language co-production by Phare Ponleu Selpak (Battambang) and the Théâtre du Soleil, Paris]'.

Thompson, Ashley (2010) 'Angkor Wat: from Temple to Text [Henry Moore Gallery, (Leeds)]'.

Ang Chouléan,, Eric-Prenowitz and Thompson, Ashley (2005) 'Calling the Souls [Reyum Gallery (Phnom Penh)'.


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