Explorations in Language Variation: Swahili and Beyond

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9:30 am to 12:30 pm
SOAS Paul Webley Building (Senate House North Block)

About this event

Swahili is a major East African lingua franca spoken by more than 100 million people across a large geographical area and several international borders. As a result, Swahili is spoken by diverse communities in a wide range of socio-cultural contexts and there is considerable dialectal variation.

In this workshop we explore different aspects of this variation, drawing on different places where Swahili is spoken, and we place variation in Swahili in the wider context of language variation in Africa and beyond.


9:30am - 9:40am

Lutz Marten (SOAS)


9:40am - 10:10am

Yussuf Hamad (SOAS)

Some unusual diminutive forms in Kipemba

10:10am - 10:40am

Nico Nassenstein (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) 

Variation and change in northeastern DR Congo: Perspectives on Swahili and Bangala – and contact with non-Bantu languages

10:40am - 11:10am

Teresa Poeta (University of Essex)

The emergence of new Swahili dialects areas in East Africa

11:10am - 11:30amBreak
11:30am - 12 noon

Serge Sagna (University of Manchester)

Multiple infinitive classes and transitivity alternations in Atlantic languages of the Jóola cluster

12 noonClose