Economics research

Research areas

The Economics Department's research is centred around five main research areas:

  • Feminist Political Economy and Development
  • Food, Nutrition and Health in Development 
  • Industrial Development and Policy
  • International Financial Institutions, Neoliberalism and Knowledge
  • Money and Finance

Research grants

The SOAS Department of Economics' strengths are recognised internationally and, as a consequence, it has received large amounts of funding for its research activities from a large number of organisations. Major research grants that academics in the Department have attracted recently include:

Research networks

Department staff played a major role in the funding of the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE), a pluralistic forum for all progressive brands of political economy, the Japan Economy Network (JEN), the Dynamics of Gender Inequality (DGI) Network, the Female Employment and Dynamics of Inequality (FEDI) Network, and the European Research Network on Social and Economic Policy (EReNSEP).

Working papers

Our working papers show the range and impact of research in our Department.

Working papers by year

Student working papers

The aim of the SOAS Economics Student working paper series is to publish and showcase outstanding work of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Economics.